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First I should apologise that these screenshotsd are stock from the internet and not from my actual game.
This is because, for reasons known only between my PC and the game, the [Print Screen] function didn't
work. I didn't have any difficulty playing the game though - well when I say no difficulty I don't mean it
is too easy to play - it isn't - it has some intriguing puzzles and challenges.

As you might have guessed bvy now, SHARDLIGHT is a point-and-click adventure. You control a lowly
character called Amy Wellard who stumbles into something a lot bigger and politically provocative than
she would normally be involved in. What seems like a simple job to gain her an injection against GREEN
LUNG, a deadly disease that is slowly spreading across the world, soon turns into a nightmare, and Amy
is forced to make a whole lot of important and scary decisions.

GREEN LUNG is in the air and anyone can catch it. The people with finance or power live as the elite
and wear porcelain masks to help them breathe freely. The lower classes were left to fend for themselves
and many of them died quickly, but the remainder are not as weak as the elite would like to think, and they
are fighting back by building underground communities and lives for themselves and they are thriving.

Typical of Wadjet Eye productions the backgrounds are lavish and beautifully designed whilst the animated
characters are just short of base 2D and of low but adequate quality. The story relies on Dickensian drama
rather than the humour that generally drives these old school point and click games. Amy is no Guybrush
and the characters she meets aren't jolly types with parrots as pets. This is dour realism in the extreme.

Naturally the game has the usual problems associated with these type of adventures, mainly having to go
back and forth between locations and characters to get the items and information required to open the next
scene or solve the puzzle. Many of these puzzles are easy to work out what is needed but not always easy
to find the trigger, and not always logical either; but you get used to that when you play point and clicks.

Overall though this is an enjoyable game. It isn't a romp and it can be rather depressing but that gives it a
lot more character than is often the case. Clever, sensitive and thoughtful.



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