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FRIEDBERG, 11.09.2013 - As was invented a quarter century as Shadowrun pen and paper role-playing game, the new world of cyberpunk science fiction was still pure. Today there are many technical fantasies of the time to buy. Even 25 years later, the prophetic Cosmos is one of the sources of future futuristic designs. Megacorps global, corporate conglomerates that are only a few laws and the great environmental degradation draw the Shadowrun universe of one hand. On the other hand, enjoys the RPG world by their unique combination of vision and fantasy, which is marked by the return of magic and its creatures.

2013 is the year of Shadowrun, where the prophetic cosmos has reinvented itself as a game system itself. In addition to online and computer game comes with Shadowrun - FIFTH EDITION now October 2013 The latest version of the popular cyberpunk role-playing game in the world in German, merge into the man, machine and magic, fantasy and dystopian near-future meet. With the new rules in Shadowrun 5 to character creation, combat, magic, matrix, rigging and tips on adventure design and world presentation at the native console is kept with this book all in your hands what you need for adventure in the shadows of the Sixth World.

The new rulebook for Shadowrun 5 offers it a unique price-performance ratio, which makes it even more for Shadowrun players to the outstanding cyberpunk game of today. To 488 full-color pages in high-quality hardcover one experiences as a "runner" everything you need for fantastic € 19.95. "Everything has its price" is the new slogan of Shadowrun, but that does not mean that RPG books therefore must always be expensive. The 5 Shadowrun rulebook is deliberately kept at a price level that allows anyone to make yourself a picture of this fantastic cyberpunk universe. For players and fans who are looking for an even more sophisticated equipment, Pegasus Shadowrun games publisher also offers the 5 basic rules as * Limited Edition * on. This book will also include 488 full-color pages, which are still printed on higher quality paper. The book receives more than options a padded hardcover binding with embossing and spot UV varnish and two ribbon bookmark. Metal corners protect this limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies and also work!

For the world of Shadowrun 5 already are now fixed the next volumes, especially the weapons manual and 5 Shadowrun Shadowrun 2050, which is based on the popular computer game of Shadowrun-founder Jordan Weisman. On the SPIEL'13 in Essen Shadowrun will be the focus of the role-playing presentation at Pegasus Games booth (Hall 3, stand 3-M110). These Jordan Weisman will present itself.

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