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Active players will receive an exclusive bonus on June 14th

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London, UK – June 6, 2013 – Today Ubisoft® and Blue Byte® announced that The Settlers® Online, the browser-based strategy game, will showcase a new special skill system offering players the opportunity to configure the production on their islands. This system will be implemented progressively with players’ feedback, step by step. The first part will launch on June 13th in the UK.

The science system will introduce 7 brand new buildings, various new production chains and 9 new resources. To develop players’ skills, they will have to produce special resources (Manuscript, Tome and Codex). The more advanced a skill is, the more sophisticated books it requires. Players can choose between several kinds of specialisation. The feature will allow them to customise, for instance, their specialists, so that they are better suited to the player’s gameplay.

Each of the 7 new buildings can be upgraded up to 5 levels, all with a unique look. Every structure can be built by players as often as required; only the bookbinder can be constructed once.

-      Simple Papermill: producing Simple Paper

-      Finesmith: producing Nibs

-      Intermediate Papermill: producing Intermediate Paper

-      Lettersmith: producing Printing Types

-      Advanced Papermill: producing Advanced Paper

-      Ornamentalsmith: producing Book Fittings

-      Bookbinder: producing 3 different kind of books (Manuscript, Tome and Codex

The Science System will also feature 4 skill trees. 3 of them are allocated to each type of specialist (explorers, geologists and generals), and the last one will only be related to players’ home islands. Each skill tree will display all available researches that need to be unlocked progressively by investing respective resources. An important element to keep in mind is that players can reset an entire skill tree to try multiple configurations and decide which one works better, although planning ahead will be very useful.

The first skill tree implemented in the game will deal with the Geologist. Very useful skills can be attributed to the player’s specialist character which means that each Geologist can be skilled in a different way. From now on players will have the opportunity to name their specialists to distinguish them from others. The remaining three skill trees will follow later this year.

With the release of the science system, active players will receive an exclusive bonus item: The “Bookbinding glue”. All players who login to the game between May 27th and June 10th will receive it automatically via an in-game message on June 14th.

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