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The Random Encounter

This is a Steam based game, downloadable for just £3.99, that features the one and only Serious Sam in a side-scrolling, hilarious non-stop combat action game. The graphics are old-style, blocky, and nothing to get excited about, and the music, though grating is also driving so that you want to keep going, wave after wave.

Sam is moved around 2D style on a sort of mapped area and when he reaches a friend he recruits him to help. Then you move Sam over or onto an object on the screen and the visual changes to the scrolling combat zone.  Lots of toughs and critters come from the left to beat up on Sam and his buddy who by now are armed,  with various weapons but mini-gun and shotgun are favourites.

[Enter] selects the weapons and then [Enter] again starts the battle. Up and down move Sam and his friend up and down, left and right move them towards or away from the mob.

The game is stop-start but can be kept going by deft [Enter] control. Bloody stupid, frustrating and grating, but FUN!


Before First Encounter

This is a seriously maniacal Steam (PC) downloadable first-person action shooter. With triumphant marching music egging you on, you collect weapons, health, guns and anything else that’s lying around and wait for the alien enemies to arrive. They do this pretty quickly in the solo Survival game. The rules are simple, stay alive as long as you can. There are two scenarios, Death Valley and Deserted, my record is just over a minute in DV and 2 seconds under a minute in Deserted - guess you could say I’m not very good, but I just keep trying and dying because it’s unadulterated fun.

Then there is the Campaign game which begins with a Summer in Cairo - 6 difficulty levels. This starts with Sam falling (no weaponry) from a damaged chopper into Cairo. He has to catch up with his men first or at least find the downed helicopter.

The land is full of mutated humanoids, spidery monsters and bomb carrying suicide assassins intent on blowing Sam away. Well the game has blown me away - in a pool of spreading blood. I really felt as if I needed a bath after playing this. Everything on screen - tha hammer I was using for melee, my fists and the Smith & Wesson I eventually found, all were bright red and dripping.


The First Encounter

Under attack from MENTAL’s minions, the Earth (and of course Egypt) needs SERIOUS SAM to save it from destruction. After the first Serious Sam adventure Sam teleported himself onto the alien spaceship and then got blown back to Egypt … again !

Annoyingly you receive messages and are told to Press {use] to read them. There is no key designated as [use] not even E which is use in the other Sam games, pressed every key, didn’t find it.

Sam loves his Shotgun but he starts with a chainsaw which is much better for melee.  Lots of great items like flying boots, sniper rifles and of course bomb bearing suicide assassins make this another epic Sam adventure.

Serious Sam on Steam is inexpensive and easily available. Crotean & Devolver


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