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Serious Sam is a series of action games created by the Croatian development house Croteam. The screenies on this page show you that graphically
it ranges from okay to very good, but as Serious Sam is a series of budget priced productions it is the gameplay not the graphics that will keep you
coming back to them.


One of the Serious Sam games shown here is a side scrolling platform game. This is the least entertaining of the series in my opinion, mainly because
apart from going back and forth, up and down, you have little control of Sam. In the other games Sam has a wider perimeter to work within, though the
creatures still come thick and fast - the trick is to shoot them at distance and use the chainsaw (make sure you find it asap) for the close-in wetwork.


Sam can get attacked by creatures that look alien, flying angel types and even animals that you might think you recognise, at least until they open their
mouths and show their teeth. Whichever of the games you play you can be sure that the action will not let you rest, it is the closest to perpetual action
that I have encountered in any adventure game.

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