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This is a hide in the shadows and move at speed game where if you get seen you lose. You are a Cleaner, not an office cleaner with a broom and vacuum cleaner but someone on the fringe of the criminal underworld who cleans up messes made and left by assassins.

This is based on the early access version but you can buy it from Steam: Buy Serial Cleaner on Steam:  for £6.99

Movement is by the Arrow keys and with control over direction but not speed, thus you have to be careful and judge each move with care.

There are Police Guards on patrol who are consistently changing position so they can view each entrance and exit but only one at a time. Area of effect rays are shown from the guard so that you know exactly where it is safe to move and where you will be seen.


It is very 70's style in its colours and graphics and the movement of the Cleaner is so swift and fluent that all it needs is the Benny Hill theme running in the background to give it the atmosphere it deserves.

Your job is simple, collect the evidence, wash away blood, and remove the dead bodies from the murder scenes without the Police seeing you.

If it wasn't so funny and amusingly made then it would be a gruesome base idea for a game, but it is funny and bloody, (and therefore bloody funny by definition) it is amusing and it is extremely basic.


It settles into the gaming fraternity under the genre of Stealth gaming and indeed it is for players who are both stealthy and dexterous in their abilities on the keyboard - there are no mouse control options.

Not a game for any long term playing, but quite engaging and humourous if applied in small doses.

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