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Jury nominated "Treasure Rabatz" by Noris-Spiele for Children's Top Game of 2015

The company Noris-Spiele 2015 presented a number of innovations in the area of children's games. New product is thus "Treasure Rabatz" which has just been nominated by the jury for the "Children's Game of the Year 2015". The award of this prestigious Critics Award will take place on 8 June in Hamburg. With "Treasure Rabatz" is a board game for two to four small casual pirates from Five Years in Which Captain Raffzahn takes the lead role. "Karin Hetlings fast-paced game requires acquisition spatial perception, quick response and planned approach. In the mix. This Creates the author pirate atmosphere pure for large and small adventurers, "the jury Explained its decision.

The old pirates has had enough of piracy and wants his prized possession - to bequeath a worthy successor - The Old Ship "Gold plaice". Only the pirate who three times in succession brings the best-filled treasure chest of the wild Treasure Iceland The Captain , may claim the "Gold plaice" for Themselves. A competition on the high seas starts and beat young pirates' hearts racing. But not only skill is required, and tactical decisions are required, Because with every pass must pirates Their boatswain, The Old Jewels Jack, give up some of the treasure. By intelligent action from the pirates, the old Jack always try to offer Exactly what he does not wanna just.Above all, then you have but the lid at the end quietly be close, otherwise Jack refuses to take the pirates at all. Who thrice handed over most treasures to Cap'n Raffzahn and thereby "piece together" his pirate ship first thing the winner. 
The idea of the game comes from the games writer Karin Hetling. "A decisive impact on the graphic elaboration and the editorial development of game Took next to the team so Noris game designer Johann Rüttinger" adds Oswald Hertlein, Managing Director of Noris games. "We tested together" treasure Rabatz "in the development phase very extensively with various children, to take into account experiences with the little adventurers in the implementation to. "The game lasts about 20 minutes, the price is 19.99 euros in trade.


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