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From the Website:
Say No! More is the world’s first NPG (NO!-Playing Game). Using simple controls designed for anyone to pick up and play, start your working life through a set path in a quirky office environment. As well as shouting "NO!" in your chosen language, use your "NO!" in different emotional states to send them reeling. Confuse people with different actions to let their guard down, then charge up your "NO!" for an even greater effect on unsuspecting colleagues!
A brand new experience from Studio Fizbin! In a world where everyone sticks to the status quo of saying “YES!”, create your custom character and take on the role of an intern on a mission to change the world with the positive power of saying “NO!“. With this new power, nothing will get in your way as you shout “NO!” at any absurd requests fired your way.

Like Ricky Gervais's popular TV comedy show 'The Office', "SAY NO! MORE" is more aimed at people who have actually worked in an office/offices, as they will be able to recognise the situations 'you' find yourself in.  Here's the video, watch it and be warned.

I, personally, have never worked in an office so I have no experience in the comings and goings of such a location; other, of course. than as seen in movies and on Television shows. 

From a 'being different' viewpoint, SAY NO! MORE is a new immersive experience into computer gaming. It features over-blown stereotypes of characters supposedly found in every large office, along with the actions allegedly put on newbies in the office environment.

Basically you are a new intern at a large company and from the start you get put upon to make coffee, mend copiers, give away your lunchbox etc. The graphics look as if they wouldn't bother the computing power of a ZX80, the animations certainly wouldn't.

The office humour borders on schoolkid childish as you begin rather sheepishly, almost whispering, 'no' to anyone who requires your time, through to live-stage shouting (apparently the louder a comic shouts the funnier they are) expressive "NO!!!!!"

The louder and more powerful the "NO!" is the more violently the target flies backward. If you combine your "NO!" with one or more physical expressions, hand movements, arm waving, clapping, gesturing etc then your "NO!" can force targets, (these being people, desks, and other stuff), hurtling through out through closed windows and solid walls.

The way you learn how to play is quite amusing. You find a cassette tape, and while listening to it your imagination runs wild and you conjure up a Hulk Hogan-a-like who boosts your confidence through various invigorating scenes and actions. Generally showing you which keys are assigned to each action. 

The game comes with a somewhat subliminal message about how people should behave to and towards each other. You can be friendly and helpful without always having to be a "Yes" person and you can say "No" without having to be angry, nasty or insulting (though there are times when sarcastic is necessary).  Try YES

In SAY NO! MORE you will meet the classic character types from just about every book, movie or TV series, all of which you can draw humour and/or pathos from. Situations in the workplace are expanded out of proportion to explore their full comedic possibilities. Actual office workers will almost certainly relate to them and the characters.

SAY NO! MORE is an NPG (a No! Playing Game) but it could also be described as a train-wreck; not good, shocking, sad, but you can't take your eyes off it - or in this case you find it hard to hit 'exit game'. 

A game with a message! A game with a conscience. 

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