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                                 SAVAGE WORLDS Explorer’s Edition


Savage Worlds is an all-genre role-play and figure game combined system designed by Shane Hensley, Paul Wade-Williams, Simon Lucas, Joseph Unger, Dave Blewer, Clint Black, Robin Elliott and Piotr Korys - wow that’s almost a review in itself!

SAVAGE WORLDS can be applied to any setting you want. You only need this main book and your imagination, or this book and a realm/source book of your favourite universe (plus your imagination of course).

Savage Worlds uses polyhedral dice thus allowing regular gamers a familiarity to begin with. Creating a character is of infinite ease, just a few dice rolls plus some additional points to determine Traits, Skills and Edges/Hindrances and a little thought for Race, Equipment (Gear) and Background.

Heroes (aka Wild Cards) are given three bennies and can gain more through various actions and the GMs generosity. Bennies are the Savage Worlds name for points that can be spent to re-roll dice or change results etc. They are common in many role-play games as they give the players an extra possibility of success when things look to be going up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

Savage Worlds covers all manner of combat from standard one on one to a small army versus a 5 character group. There are rules for fighting on horseback, riding in vehicles and flying in planes and spaceships.

Prior to combat or other action there may be the need of initiative to determine who acts in which order. Instead of rolling dice as you would expect (because that’s the usual way in most role-play games) Savage Worlds uses a regular deck of cards including the Jokers. You can generally obtain a Savage Worlds card deck where you buy the game.

Combat uses a TN (Target Number) determined by the GamesMaster - using commonsense and the probability chart in the book - who decides according to the rules, the  situation and the combatants. Fighting is described as fast and furious and fun but until you are competent with all the possibilities and modifiers it can be a little less fast, though its effects can still be furious and of course, fun.

There are already numerous full genre role-playing rules books available on the market so why would you want Savage Worlds if you already own RPS or PSrps as examples.

The answer is that most of the other generic rules books are hard volume and A4 or American Letter sized. Savage Worlds is just over A5 size with a thin card cover and, although I loathe to carry books by rolling them (like a newspaper) it can be rolled to fit into a Jeans back pocket.

Triple Ace Games & Cubicle Seven produce a series of $14.99 adventure compendiums (compendia?) specifically for use with Savage Worlds. The majority of these (if not all) are written by Paul “Wiggy” Wade-Williams (one of the Savage Worlds designers). GMs who like to write their own scenarios will only need the Savage Worlds book, at least to begin with, but if the rules author is writing adventures they are most likely going to be special.

Savage Worlds is available to gamers in game stores, and at games events from Triple Ace Games and Cubicle Seven. At just $9.99 the Explorer’s Edition is super value for money.


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