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Samurai Riot is an addictive, 2D, side scrolling, beat’em up, that presents 2D arcade gameplay with original co-op features and a multi-branching, moral decision making, storyline leading to eight different endings. Take on the role of Sukane, an enigmatic Ninja who fights alongside with Azu, the fox - who can transform into weapons; or Tsurumaru, a loyal samurai with a katana and a bunch of grenades, and set off on an adventure in a hand-painted 2D universe between Japanese mythology and cyberpunk

Although this is a fairly basic side-scroller it has really clear and distinct characters that loom out of the screen as if they are truly rendered in 3D. The action is as fast as any side-scroller I have played and is so intense that you can almost feel the heat of the fire when flaming balls of energy are shot out at you by the many dread and evil opponents (of course "evil" is subjective and in the minds of your opposition you may well be the evil entity invading their privacy.


Kevin Buchet, Game Designer at Wako Factory “We are massive fans of cooperative games, especially arcade style and Samurai Riot really focus on the co-op features. For example, if you protect your partner’s back or hit together the same enemy, you’ll be rewarded and unlock a deadly cooperative attack! Even the story involves both players equally, you’ll have to make team-based choices, or enter a PVP fight against your partner to win the lead!”

A unique cooperative system with devastating combined attacks. Teamwork and coordinated attacks (when playing with a friend) are rewarded by success and power moves. 
Multi-branching storyline with moral decision making. Although your morals are sometimes put to the test when you come to think of it you are running around killing virtually everyone (other than your partner) so morals are really out of the window once you raise your weapon for the first time. However, your decisions will slightly change the way the adversaries come to you and the path the story takes, although as in most story-driven games there are inevitable clashes with end-of-level boss types etc.
2 player Co-op and solo 2D Arcade gameplay. Playing solo is hard but satisfactory if you are successful. Playing with a friend gives you someone else to blame when things go katana up.
8 different endings. And for me, playing solo, each different ending is the same ... I get defeated !
Strong replay value: ~ 60hrs to unlock all the fighting schools and go through all the stories. You really have to be a fan of sidescrolling, fast action, fighting games to get through all 60 hours in 60 hours. Most players will reach the end and call it a day but for those who persevere they are rewarded with different characters to fight against who generally have different styles, weapons and specialities to get past.
Superb in game music and SFX. Repetitive music can either really get you going or really get your goat. Keep the music low or off and concentrate on who you are fighting.
Strong Stylised graphics. Exception characters are, as said previously, shown in a faux 3D, the graphics are that good.

I have to admit that I am pretty poor at side-scrolling action games, mainly because I lose concentration quickly and because I forget which buttons/keys I should be pressing and at what time. I miss combos more than I hit them unless I find one I remember and then I do it too often and it becomes virtually ineffective. I do like to revert back to this type of game when I feel the need to GRRR! Out or I have some minutes before something is due to happen - dinner, football etc - and then I go hell for leather at it and often get carried away that my dinner ends up in the microwave (or dog - thinking of it having a dog called Microwave would be fun) or the soccer game goes on and I have to play catch-up later. So what I am saying is that this game can be a way to waste a few minutes but be careful because it is also very addictive. The addiction takes two forms; either you keep winning and don't want to stop because you are on a roll, or you keep losing and no darn computer game is going to get the better of you.

Younger players not yet into Call of Duty or its like will love this game. The fighting is arcade style comic book action, fast, clever and over quickly, which means Mums don't mind their young'uns playing it because it hasn't the level of realism that games like GTA bring into the home. This is Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers type action where defeated heroes and villains bounce up again for the next round.



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