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   Sails of Glory Kickstarter reaches $125,000 pledged in the first week, 400% funded

The tactical Age of Sails tabletop game allows players to represent battles at sea between the large sailing ships of the past centuries

March 12th, 2013 – The Sails of Glory campaign on Kickstarter continues with fair wind. Started last Tuesday, March 5th, the funding goal of $ 30,000 was achieved in less than 9 hours and today the pledges raised over $ 125,000, with five stretch goals achieved.

Sails of Glory is a tactical Age of Sail game branded Ares Games, inspired by the acclaimed Wings of Glory system. It will feature assembled and painted ship models, ready to play out of the box, and a game system designed to accurately represent battles at sea between the large sailing ships of the past centuries.

The first series of Sails of Glory is set in the Napoleonic Age, an iconic period for naval wargaming. The initial release, scheduled for August 2013, will include a Starter Set - an all-in-one starting point to begin playing, including four fully painted and assembled ships - and 12 additional Ship Packs. Four of these Ship Packs will be exclusively available for backers on Kickstarter: the French frigate La Concorde, the French ship-of-the-line Fougueux, the British frigate HMS Juno, and the British ship-of-the-line HMS Bellerophon.

Following the initial funding of US$ 30,000 the achievement of four “stretch goals” will allow to fund the design and production of two new ships - the HMS Victory and the USS Constitution, and special game items, such as the Sails of Glory Game Mat and the laser-cut, wooden version of two Attitude Indicator and of the Combat Ruler. The next stretch goal to be achieved, $ 140,000, will unlock the Terrain Pack #1, with terrain elements for use together with the Game Mat.

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Game description from the publisher:

Sails of Glory is a series of games that recreates naval combat in the Age of Sails (1650-1815). Based on the game system used in Wings of Glory (formerly Wings of War), Sails of Glory uses miniatures, cards and board game mechanisms, with a special deck of maneuver cards representing the different movement capabilities of each vessel. The game will be supported by a range of painted and assembled 1/1200 miniatures.

Players will choose their maneuver cards in secret, then reveal them all at the same moment. The card features arrows to be put in front of the miniature, then the latter is moved on top of the arrowhead. Several options on the same card are available depending on the wind and, with advanced rules, the sails used. After all ships moved, guns are fired from the sides of the miniature to targets in range.

The Wings of Glory game system has been modified and expanded to accurately represent battles at sea between the large sailing ships of the past centuries. The first series of Sails of Glory will be set in the Napoleonic Age. If the game is successful, in the future Sails of Glory will be extended to cover other historical periods, such as the Age of Discovery, the Middle Ages and ancient times.

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