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This is the latest and best Star Wars online MMO. It's features are more defined, the characters are better all round visually as are the animation of 
everything from characters and weapons to Ships and NPC features.

There are several choices of character race and class - my favourite is the Sith Bounty Hunter - and though the opening missions are pretty much the same
for all classes there is a great feeling of achievement when you succeed and hold an NPCs life in your hands., and indeed as you get further into the game,
missions remain straightforward, generally being go there, kill or capture this or that person or object, then return to me for a reward. You get these type of
 missions whether you play Sith or Republic. The person giving the mission, and possibly also the person you are sent to kill, may chat with you first - obviously
the hirer will talk to you - and it is your response, normally a choice of three answers, that determines the direction the mission takes and also, again possibly,
whether you gain Dark Side or Light Side points; there are ways of answering and for actions that can show your true colours. I haven't ventured too far one
way or the other yet but I am going to assume that if you gain a certain number of Light or Dark points then other missions pertaining only to that side will
become available; I also wouldn't be surprised if your character then became Light or Dark permanently, but that's only me guessing, I haven't got that far
yet.  Hmmm!  Light (Good Guys) or Dark (Evil Bs) ?  Hmmmm!  Choices!  Choices!

The game does its best to get you into the action quickly, therefore the character creation is fast and painless unless you deliberately slow it down,
but the downloading can be frustrating: - another thing to mention is, and this is my pet argument with many MMOs, when you buy the game it comes
with 30 days of "free" play. However after going through the long download process followed by another long updating process you discover even
though you have bought the game and it has 30 days on it, you cannot access these 30 days until you give payment details for continuing play
after the 30 days has expired
. You can add your card details, start the game, and then go into your account and cancel the card but you must remember
to do this or you will be charged,  possibly anything from 14 days prior to the 30 days expiring. This annoys me. You should be able to buy a game and
play it, then if you want more or to continue you buy the expansion or you set up an account, whatever. You don't buy it to have to immediately offer more.

When you die you get the option of returning to the nearest medical centre or having a droid sent out to revive you where you fell. If you take the first
option it is safest, the second brings you back to life about 50% fit right where you fell, though in ghost form you have a few seconds to get out of range.

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