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Designed by Haim Shafir and Published by AMIGO Spiele.

This is a game for 6 years olds and upwards, though if 6 year olds are playing then all players should be about the
same age as older children or adults will have a great advantage.


The rules are beyond simple and if you read them before playing then you may well decide not to play, as there is
nothing to the game - if you read the rules cold and apply gamers logic. It is a game of either lining coloured cups
in a row or stacking them one over the other and then being the first to ring the bell  DING !


Each player is given a set of 5 different coloured plastic cups. Any player turns over the top card from the deck and
all players then attempt to be the first to line up their cups in the order, left to right or up and down. There are good
examples of this play can be seen above.

The cards each show 5 different colours in a row or a column but not necessarily in such an easy layout. Above left
the illustration shows a couple of the cards, one being a row of Houses and the second a stack of Flowers. On the pic
to the right you can see a row of Balloons and two rows of Cups. A quick glance at the cups and the rows look like
they both match the Balloons, left to right in colour order, but once you have a more studious look you can see that
the order of the Green and Red Cups has been reversed.

Four of us, all (supposed) adults and completely sobre, sat at the table, read the rules and proceeded to play what we
thought was going to be just enough games to be able to write the review. To be honest I could have written about the
game after the first play, except I couldn't have held a pen or typed coherently as we were all laughing so much. This
rather pointless, silly game, had captured all of our funny bones and ground them down to giggle dust.

This is one of those rare games that make dinner parties and family games days even more successful.


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