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  SKYDIVE over the Snowy Rockies

   SKYDIVE as a Man (in various skydiving outfits) or WOMAN (again a choice of stylish clothing)

   SKYDIVE through floating hoops for greater scores.

    SKYDIVE as low as you can before opening your parachute.

    SKYDIVE and try to enjoy the wonderful scenery.

SKYDIVE for the PS3 has many similar properties to a motor racing game. You have to steer yourself away from mountain sides, around and under obstacles and natural (and man-made) bridges,
over tree tops, mountains and buildings etc etc etc.

You can continually play using the freefall practice mode which allows you to barrel-roll, spin forwards, spin backwards, glide, sway, dive and rise - all this is possible solo or with a friend or group
of friends. The controls are pretty basic and take very little learning but the skill in using them is knowing when and where to use them. Continuous rolling will gain you multiplyers for points, while
skimming the ground or hitting the targets will gain you many more points than performing a few perfunctuary tricks . . . as long as you do not collide or crash!  Collisions cost you 10000 points the
first one, 20k the second and 30k the third so 3 collisions during one flight will lose you 60k points and most likely your flight will end.

Skydiving may seem a bit odd for a choice of game theme but it actually works so much better than you would think, plus the scenery is breath-taking at times. You should thank the designers for the
possibility of seeing such wondrous sights from this advantage point because most of us have never and will never jump out of a plane wearing little more than a baggy-trousered shell-suit.

I was all set to blow this game away with a few words when it first arrived as a download, especially as I had to wait for the PS3 to update itself before it could update the necessary files to make the
download downloadable. All the while I was thinking to myself, do I really need to play a Skydiving game ? Well I am so glad I did. Although the game is beyond addictive it hasn't made me want to
jump out of a plane under any circumstances -  I'll take my views through plane windows and from having my feet firmly on terra firma - but maybe, just maybe, if I was younger, fitter and much more
adventurous I would try this .... nah !  I love the game though.

Gaijin Entertainment is pleased to announce that Skydive: Proximity Flight has  launched on the PlayStation®Network in Europe, and is available for €19.99. Inspired by the extreme sport of base jumping, Skydive: Proximity Flight is a downloadable game that uses gamepad or motion controller technology to put the players inside the wingsuit for an exhilarating skydiving experience.
We’re excited to see Skydive: Proximity Flight launch on the PlayStation Network today, and look forward to players jumping in and experience the adrenaline rush we’ve got in store for them.”, said Kirill Yudintsev, Creative Director at Gaijin Entertainment. “Taking a virtual leap in Skydive: Proximity Flight and bring a bird’s eye view of the world straight into your living room!
In Skydive: Proximity Flight, players can use the motion controller to speed up, maneuver, and soar over beautiful and majestic real life locations. They will gain confidence and begin to learn how to control their bodies and execute mind blowing mid-air tricks normally reserved for professionals. Or, for those with an adventurous spirit, you can create and execute your own death defying tricks and show them off to your friends.
Features include: 
  • Perform maneuvers by twisting and turning PlayStation®3’s DUALSHOCK®3 wireless controller.
  • Experience the game using two PlayStation®Move motion controllers with PlayStation®Eye camera.
  • Adrenaline Race: Race against the computer, friends or other flyers on the leader board by using adrenaline to increase speed, rewind time to make adjustments and perform tricks
  • Routes: Try to fly through increasing more difficult routes marked by rings  
  • Tricks: Execute aerial maneuvers that increase in dangerous complexityFreestyle: Select any jump off location and create your own routes and incorporate difficult tricks and then share it with the community
 For more information on Skydive: Proximity Flight please visit:


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