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Coatsink & Secret Lunch present Shu on Steam costs €12/$12. Here is the official website and the Coatsink website

SHU is a semi-3D left to right Sonic-style scrolling adventure. SHU can run and jump and glide through the screens and levels, collecting Butterflys and finding hidden baubles whilst saving villagers. The people he saves generally stay with SHU for a while until their part in the adventure; they have skills necessary for certain actions and locations, has been completed. SHU is out to save or at least outrun the end of the world as it is known.

Side scrolling Platform games have been around almost since computers appeared in family homes around the globe. They are generally fast and fun, SHU being faster in places than any other of this genre, and in the case of SHU, augmented  by weird and wonderful characters set against backdrops which are bright, beautiful and also extremely colourful. These additional characters aren't just there to be rescued though. Many of them either have a power or ability they can use or quite often they can bestow their ability onto SHU for a limited, necessary, period. You know that if an NPC's ability is required then the current part of the adventure is going to be exciting and slightly different; different from the last location and different from the majority, if not all, of other games of this ilk.

Also to keep the game even more adventurous and interesting the designers introduce various interruptions by way of time-trial races, hidden objects and diverse locations, amongst other secrets waiting to be found.These make SHU quite different from the majority of platform games and are the reasons that players who feel they already have enough games in this genre would do well to add just one more; SHU!.

SHU is cute, though to be perfectly honest other than that I'm not actually sure what SHU is, or whether it is a He or a She and a search on the internet hasn't discovered this for me yet and I can't tell from the sounds and effects. SHU has an animé visuality but I don't personally think it actually belongs to that genre, not that I know that much about animé per se; but I do know a good game when I play one. Apart from SHU there are some interesting and fun additional characters to be enlisted en route plus there are some fiddly but fun puzzles to be solved, these mainly being working out how to get past obstacles and/or how to gather in the collectibles. SHU is great at jumping and jumping is an action you need to use a lot. If you get to a problem where you believe you need to jump higher than SHU generally can then carefully study the background and the objects in the foreground; that's a clue from me to you.

There's not too much you can write about scrolling platform games that hasn't already been written. You either like them, you don't like them or you can play them occasionally. SHU is one of those games that you will probably begin by playing it occasionally and ending up by liking it immensely; there's certainly nothing not to like - unless you just don't like platform games because if that's the case there is nothing I can say to make you even try SHU; except perhaps to point you at the screenshots so you can see just how good it actually looks.

There is no way you will view SHU as just another Platform scroller

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