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SHROOM BOOM is a card game played by 2-6 players of the appropriate age to understand what "Shrooms" are. It is a
small box which has just 38 cards and a rules leaflet. It fits easily into a pocket or handbag (or man-bag) and thus is a game
that can be easily transported. It is probably best thought of as an adult drinking game played by over 18s who aren't at their
quick-thinking brightest at the time of play. Being slightly tired works just as well as having been drinking and is a far better

The object of the game is to taste as many different Shrooms as possible by collecting sets of various size and Shroom types.

The cards are imaginatively designed and illustrated by someone who clearly knows the effects of eating "shrooms". Viewing
these cards is like a time-trip (yes I used "trip" on purpose) journey through the psychodaelic tee shirt and hallucinogenic rock
band poster designs of the sixties - way out man !

Depending on the number of players different numbered cards are used and players are dealt a different number of cards. remaining
cards from the deck form a draw pile with the top two cards lying face up next to it.

The game play is simple. The player whose turn it is shows one of their cards from their hand to all players and then gives it to one
of the other players - any one of them - and receives a card in return from that player - this card is also shown to all other players.
This is how a player's turn goes - give a card, get a card. At any time in their turn or not a player may declare to be "taking a bite".

The game now becomes a collection and memory game for the Shrooms that you eat can come from your hand, from the face up cards
on the table, or from other player's hands - you remembering the cards that they have been given. To have cards score you must eat at
least 3 cards at a time otherwise they are placed face down instead of face up. Shrooms being eaten must be consecutively numbered.

Eating Shrooms is basically just making a correct statement, such as "I will eat cards 4 and 5 from my hand, cards 6 and 7 and 8 from
(name an opponent) and number 9 from the table". As long as the cards you name are owned by the players you name as having them
thy must be given to you.

The Shrooms are scored by set and by number of cards, not value of cards, thus a set of 1, 2, 3 and 4 is of the same Victory Points value
as a set of 21, 22, 23 and 24. You must have a set of 3 Shrooms which is worth 1 point, then each Shroom in addition is worth one extra
point, thus a set as mentioned above (4 cards) is worth 3+1 points = 4. To reiterate the value on the cards means nothing other than regular
consecutive numeration.

SHROOM BOOM is a neat game that will probably upset some people because of its inference towards "Magic Mushrooms" (aka Shrooms)
even though there is no mention of this sixties past-time except for the Shrooms are ingested to score VPs. It gives off a sense of naughtiness
but in fact it doesn't need to be Shrooms, it could be virtually anything as it is just a game of collecting sets of consecutive numbers and the
illustrations have no effect on the game per se.

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