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The verdant landscape of the Salt Marsh has lured many a curious traveler to his death. For sure it is rich in ruins untouched by human hands, but it is also home to fierce gator­men whose ancient civilization is threatened by civil war, as well as more dangerous foes.

Inside you’ll find:
* Insight into the problems besetting the gatormen.
* An overview of the many perils facing explorers.
* A look at the gatormen’s society and military.
* Trading opportunities.
* 6 new diseases, 2 new herbal remedies, and 12 new types of flora.
* 15 new locations to explore, including the City of Frogs and Temple of Taweret.
* 1 new major NPC.
* Ideas for why heroes may visit the Salt Marsh and adventure seeds.
* 2 new minor deities – Sarkeb, god of the gatormen, and Taweret, minor deity of crocodile slaying.
* 2 new monsters, including the much-feared croco-sphinx.

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