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XYLA Entertainment is proud to present Rush Bros., a side-scrolling platform racing action game featuring music-reactive level design arriving on Steam for PC and Mac on May 24th 2013.

"Rush Bros. started as a modification to Portal 2 co-op which turned the players against each other. The unique multiplayer mechanics and dueling Dubstep DJ themes became a metaphor for the unique social dynamic of cooperation through competition." - Ian Boswell, Game Designer, XYLA Entertainment.

The world's first split screen online multiplayer platform racing mode complements the single player to crank up the excitement levels as you thrash the in-game soundtrack or use your own music collection as DJs Bass and Treble battle for supremacy. Fast and furious action is combined with innovative reactive level design - the music you play influences the dynamics of traps, obstacles and backgrounds. Change the beats, change the level...

XYLA is also proud to announce a partnership with psytrance / electronic duo Infected Mushroom who have supplied selected music for the soundtrack. Gamers can even play as band founders Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani in a custom Infected Mushroom level.

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Rush Bros. Key Features:

Platforms: Mac and PC
Developer: XYLA Entertainment
Publisher: Digital Tribe Games

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