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Crank up the Volume with XYLA’s Side Scrolling Platform Racing Action Game featuring select tracks from Infected Mushroom
STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT, NORTH AMERICA – May 24th, 2013 – Digital Tribe Games, an emerging indie publisher established to service the rapidly evolving digital distribution segment of the video game industry, have announced that Rush Bros., a side scrolling action game featuring music-reactive level design, will be available this evening for Mac and PC on the digital download service Steam.
Rush Bros. will be available for a limited time at $8.99 as well as in a special 2-Pack Bundle at $14.99. The suggested retail price for Rush Bros. is $9.99 (£6.99, €9.99, 249p)
Rush Bros. is a platform racing game like no other, featuring both local and online competitive play between two players, with fast and furious reactive level design where the music you play directly affects the movement of traps, obstacles and backgrounds while playing. Rush through unique levels jam-packed with puzzles and obstacles while trying to thwart and crush your competitor in a breakneck race to the finish. Online Multiplayer supports cross-platform play between PC and Mac gamers.
In Arcade mode you can learn the levels and race against ghost versions of yourself to perfect your best times. Remix allows you to alter your gameplay by turning on Fast Forward to speed everything up or Survival Mode where the stakes are even higher, as there are no checkpoints and once you lose your life, you have to restart from the beginning.
Featuring select tracks from international music sensation Infected Mushroom, players experience 41 levels of hardcore side-scrolling platform racing action, including a special themed level where you play as Infected Mushroom founders Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani. Alternatively, turn DJ and rock out to your own MP3 or OGG digital music library.
Rush Bros. features Steamworks™ integration including Big Picture Mode, Leaderboards and Achievements. Developer XYLA Entertainment will expand the universe with a series of updates featuring new level packs, game modes and more, including a ReverbNation level and showcasing ReverbNation artists that win their current Beat Battle contest. Rush Bros. is available in eight languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian Portuguese and Turkish.
The game is available for purchase at:
To visit the official Rush Bros website go to:


Here is a heads up that Rush Bros., a platform racing game like no other, featuring split-screen competitive play between two simultaneous racers - DJ Bass and Treble,
launched on Steam for digital download to PC and Mac Friday, May 24
th. While Rush Bros. has both single-player and multiplayer modes, it is the most fun in multiplayer.

The game will be on sale for a 20% discount of $8.99 as well as in a special 2-Pack Bundle at $15.99 for a limited time during the launch window. Rush Bros. will also be
available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and Turkish.
I should point out to begin with that I am not the best person to be reviewing this game. This is because despite my wide range in musical favourites the techno noise that RUSH BROS is based around way outside of that range. My Mum and Dad used to tell me my favourite sounds were nothing but a noise, and I used to play the Beach Boys, the Doors, Black Sabbath and the Who etc. Having played Rush Bros for as long as I could stand the noise I now understand what my parents were on about; to me these techno-disco sounds have the same affect on me.
The game begins with a short tale about two brothers, Bass and Treble, are Disc Jockeys who up until a short while ago worked together. Then, for whatever reason, they parted and began to follow solo careers. An anonymous man in black has some hold on them and they are forced to join up again to combat his evil. In all the while I played this tale, its possibilities, including the theme and the names of the brothers, were never mentioned again.
You control a youth wearing headphones in a side-scrolling running and jumping adventure. Dodging obstacles, using spring-loaded boxes to bounce you up, down and forward, and travelling at speed as the obstacles, objects and items bounce to the beat of the disco sounds; the music does affect the gameplay which means you have to rock to the rhythm to succeed.
There are various modes of play including Arcade and Multi-player plus there are Remixes for Fast Forward and Survival. There are 43 tracks of "noise" plus you can utilise your own collection of sounds and plug them into the game - you'd need something with a heavy and bouncy beat I would assume to keep the game's objects moving. Options for play include Arcade, Same vs Same and Steam Multiplayer.
There are mode names like Trip, Pixel Journey, Zomg Meltdown and Cities of the Future, all of which are devised to have younger players getting into the groove (showing my age there) whilst their parents and grandparents are bouncing off the walls and ceilings. This is a game to play LOUD when you are alone (or with friends of your own age).
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