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In RUNERS you are a character with magical powers. You create your avatar (character) by first deciding on a name
which then takes you to the screens where you select they Character Class:

Paladin, Swamp Mummy, Mystic, Ranger, Priest of Thoros, Barbarian, Cultist of Prevnick, Demonic Warlord, Bladestorm,
Soldier, Cutpurse, Bard, Highwayman, Deific Assassin, Druid, Rogue Magus, War Diviner, Spirit Keeper or Corpse Creeper.

Then you give it a Passive Ability:

Blessing of:- Human, Elf, Orc, Golem, Dryad, Centaur, Efreet, Wisp, Dwarf, Gnome, Genie, Chimera, Goblin, Fairy, Serpentfolk.
Curse of:- Shade, Spirit, Vampire, Demon.

As you pass the cursor over each of the Character Classes and Passive Abilities you get all the detailed information you need
to know where your character's strengths and weaknesses lie and what the Passive Abilities can add to them.

There are 285 known Spells of which you currently have access to 10:
Kindle, Droplet, Earthspike, Airwave, Spark, Kinetic, Bolt, Mind Spike, Magic Missile, Corruption, Chaos Bolt - you can select
the one you want or let the computer choose a random one for you.

The Menu arrives onscreen:
Adventures, Challenges, Tutorials, Runedex, Bestiary, Statistics, Achievements.

The six Tutorials quickly and efficiently explain how to play:-
1. Controls & HUD.
2. Enemies, Objects and Items.
3. Basic Spells & Inventory.
4. Advanced Spells.
5. Rooms & Exploring.
6. Character Improvement.

Movement is regular WASD. Your character can be moved left, right, up and down and the movement is very responsive, fast and
fluent. Q executes your special character ability. You generally have 2 spells ready, left and right mouse buttons, plus you have two
hot-bars where extra spells can be added and actioned by using number keys. [TAB] brings up a map and [Esc] the Inventory. It is
in the Inventory screen where you can combine spells and boost your weapon's power.

Ready to fight ? Choose your Difficulty Level.  Wimpy, Regular, ??? (yellow) ??? (orange) ??? (red)

You begin in an arena where there is very little except a few boxes and/or tree stumps. This is a practice arena where you can move
your character around firing at these objects. There are one or two exits from the arena and going into one of these very quickly moves
you through to the next arena, and very often straight into a mass of opponents. If you mix it with them hand to hand you will die very
quickly and even with a character with the melee skill you are unlikely to survive. The way to fight is to keep moving and firing as you
go. Stopping to aim when you are clear otherwise constantly firing in the general direction of the mob.  If you don't keep moving you
cannot get through.

I like the combat - it is exhilerating - and I like the way you can create new and stronger spells using the combiner. I have played with
many variations of Character Class and Passive Ability using all of the spells available to me. I haven't managed to survive past two
Arenas yet though, mainly because I haven't found out how to Heal and I take a heck of a beating no matter how fast I move, how fast
I fire and whatever combination of Class, Passive Ability and Spells I choose.

It's a manic, maniacal, mania of a game that is extremely difficult (for me) to progress in but a heck of a lot of fun trying. It's not a game
I play over and over but it is a game I like to play when I need to relieve stress or just have a blast.



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