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Fantastic Pegasus program at the RPC 2013

What have zombie pirates, dueling magicians, Munchkins and street samurai in common? They are all waiting for the visitors of Role Play Convention 2013 in Cologne. On 1 and 2 June presents Pegasus Games (Hall 5.2 Stand B.061) is a fantastic program with new and classic. Numerous partners, actions and provide plenty of rounds   Variety and fun. DIRECT LINK

NEWS - Shadowrun for the limited shade catalog with 3 hot new technology advances, awoke dangerous critters and plants appear. Anyone who has already conquered alien dinosaurs or ninja robots for Smash Up The World, The Sorcerer can look forward to four new factions in the expansion madness level 9,000. Opened in rocky valley with the struggle between brave dwarfs and a deadly dragon, the 2-player series at Pegasus. Lots of intrigue await the players at Guildhall. And 10 years at Pegasus Munchkin games with the new editions of Munchkin Bites! Celebrated Munchkin Munchkin pirates and zombies in the popular two-box (base game and expansion). In addition, the latest expansion for Munchkin Zombies shuffles in time for the RPC in Cologne.



The largest German community for fantastic games and media has a few goodies for you. Brings you the latest bookmarks for Munchkin or the "quick and dirty" scenarios for Shadowrun in practical flyer format.

Rock Science 

Rock Science is the only board game that gives his blessing Lemmy! More than 1,600 questions on hundreds of the most influential rock bands such as Kiss, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, AC / DC, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Guns N 'Roses, Pearl Jam, Sex Pistols, The Rolling Stones. No rocker is on the line.   Keep on rocking!

Steve Jackson Games 

Plays Illuminati, Munchkin, Chez Geek, Zombie Dice and other classics and novelties at the partner level by Steve Jackson Games.

DnD-Gate presents Dungeons & Dragons 

The largest German forum "Dungeons & Dragons" will be a guest at Pegasus Games. Here you can play the action-packed miniature game Dungeon Command.   More adventures keep the cooperative D & D board games ready: Defeat mighty dragon, exploring the sinister Castle Ravenloft or you join Drizzt Do'Urden!


6 Official German zombies! Championship 

Sunday from 10:30 clock - On the 6th Official German Championship of the cult game Zombies! can you   try to escape the zombie apocalypse and to win prizes from the publishing program. In the final, a special scenario of the latest expansion is played "Ashes to Ashes". Keep your chainsaws and shotguns ready!

Neverwinter MMO 

Take a look at the new MMO   from the famous Dungeons & Dragons universe.

Shakes & Fidget 

Saturday and Sunday 12 and 15 Clock - The illustrators of the well-known cartoon heroes swing their signing pen for you.

Digital Adventure for Quest 

Experience the digital console of the University of Würzburg Quest: Commander. And with the Troll Hunter App of the whole RPC Questor is an adventure.


Preview: Shakes & Fidget - The Card Game 

Experience the adventures of the famous comic book heroes at the table.

Preview: Shadowrun 5 

In the fall of THE RPG highlight of the year appears. Now brings you the free Quick Start Rules!

Preview: Mage Wars 

Pack your books a spell and imagine the Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Preview: Mage Knight - The Lost Legion

On the RPC you expect new adventures for the excellent strategy epic Mage Knight.

Little Heroes 

Plays with the author Malte and let you create your own little hero on Sunday from illustrator Laura.


Saturday 11 clock, 14 clock and 17 clock | Sunday 11 clock and 14 clock 
The residents of a small village in uproar: werewolves are among them, and already the first victims were found. The exciting game for large groups!

Pegasus Games RPG rounds 

Our role play head abduct you into fantastical worlds. Whether mysterious cases in Cthulhu or risky jobs at Shadowrun: action and excitement are guaranteed!

Pegasus Games demo laps 

Fights as a dwarf or dragon in Duel in the rocky valley of life and death, tried as a zombie pirate ninja robot or the world of Smash Up   to control or play the adventures of the hero from Markus Heitz bestselling novel The Dwarfs by: Pegasus Game Support Team will show you our new and classic!

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