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Triple Ace Games is proud to announce the launch of a brand new card game! Leagues of Adventure Rocket Race is a non-collectible card game of Victorian Scientific Research, Ground-breaking Engineering, Financial Acumen, Heroic Endeavors, and a Dash of Luck. The game pits players against each other who play Victorian Clubs or Leagues racing to complete mad-capped moon rockets and be the first to successfully land on the moon!

Rocket Race boasts it own unique game play and is a fully fledged stand alone non-collectible card game and does not require Leagues of Adventure to play but is firmly set in the popular Victorian Steampunk world. Each player has to construct their rocket by building it from component cards and each rocket requires some Propulsion, a Steering Mechanism and Capsule to launch. Accessories can be added to the rocket in order to make it more reliable. The player to reach the moon first is crowned the winner all done with Victorian precision allowing plenty of time for tea and medals on their return!

Triple Ace Games will be bringing this game to a wider market soon and we will have news about this in the coming weeks!

We will have preview sets for sale at UK Games Expo this weekend but there is a very limited number of these special edition sets! Also we will be handing out a UK Games Expo promo card, specially made for the show. So head to our booth this weekend to try out this fast and fun game. Triple Ace Games is on booth P-33 in the Palace Suite.

Rocket Race limited edition Expo 2014

Leagues of Adventure Rocket Race – Limited Wooden Box Edition

Contents: Wooden Box, 58 Cards including 1 special UK Games Expo promo card, Two 6-sided Dice, 60 Cog counters, Rules Booklet

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