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Two of the world's greatest pastimes, football and cars, passionately collide in the new, fun and fast-paced multiplayer game Rocket League!

Created by the experienced development crew at Psyonix, Rocket League makes its first official jump into ESL esports this Sunday the 12th of July with its inaugural kickoff cup! Do you have what it takes to compete and win cash prizes?

What is Rocket League?

At its core, Rocket League is football, but with cars instead of people! The aim of the game is to kick the oversized ball in your opponent's goal with the assistance of supersonic boosts, ramp-like edges and the power of the double jump. Your battle cars are completely customizable, and matches are perfect for pick up and play sessions without sacrificing high-level skill.

Available on both PC and PS4, Rocket League is also availableto PlayStation Plus users for free for the entirety of July.

Rocket League on ESL Play

This Sunday the 12th of July marks the beginning of several Rocket League kickoff cups, which will then be replaced by a fully fledged Go4RocketLeague in August. Cups will run each Sunday from that point, with Go4RocketLeague teams to compete for €75 in 3v3 winner-takes-all matches every week. These weekly tournaments will also allow teams to earn points to qualify for the Go4RocketLeague monthly final, where €150 will be up for grabs for the winning team as well as in-game goodies for those who come in second to fourth place.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now via one of the regional ESL Play portals below!

NA Rocket League portal
EU Rocket League portal

For all the latest information about ESL Rocket League, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well as check out the official Rocket League site.

ROCKET LEAGUE from Psyonix is a crazy game of football (soccer to our colonial buddies) which is played one on one up to four on four with odd numbers on teams as required. You are best to begin with a Challenge Match where you should choose a Rookie as your opponent and set the game at 1 v 1. There are many options here to change the dynamics of the game including the Arena used, the teams, the odds, the skill levels etc. But for your first game just play it safe and take what is offered. You get the option of selecting the Blue or the Red team, other colours are available with multi-players.


The game is played against a backdrop of a crowded arena with walls that curve from the floor upwards, allowing cars and trhe massive ball, to roll up at speed and then fall from a fair height. The cars tumble and roll as they come down to land, always landing cat-like on all fours (in this case wheels instead of paws) but the ball bounces and often at an angle. The vehicles - there are several available, all sorts and types, as the game progresses - can jump up to meet the ball head on.

There are a multi-hue of colours throughout the games often blurring as the pace of the match quickens. One straight hit square-on can send the ball looping towards the opponent's goal and only skilful, speedy manoeuvering can prevent it being a goal. Of course the computer aided opposition is, at its lowest experience level, more likely to hit the ball into its own net than prevent a shot from scoring, but a human player, who has mastered the controls will be able to produce some magnificent saves.

Speaking of manoeuvering and controlling, if you use the keyboard WASD etc then you will find this an even more challenging game. The vehicles only go backwards and forwards on demand (W & S) with the A and D keys providing direction change without power. (ie. you must be moving to change direction - the car will not travel to the left or right because you are pressing the A or D key alone; you need to also be pressing W or S at the same time. 

I have to admit that depsite playing, and winning some, games (many of which went to Golden Goal Over-Time because they were tied when the timer ran down) I still haven't really conquered the use of the keyboard. Luckily I have a super THRUSTMASTER FERRARI controller (for PC and PS3) that gives me far better control and more chance of getting to the ball first, especially when playing against computer opposition.

Once you get the hang of the controls though you will discover that you can do overhead kicks and jump shots as well as turn the game into a sort of demolition derby (without the demolition) meets F1 meets Stock car racing.


The game is chaotic mayhem at its best as well as being a madcap amusement of fun. Skilful players can (almost) get their vehicles to emulate the control and brilliance of Ronaldo and Messi while players like myself more often emulate Ronald McDonald being messy !! On hitting the back of the net the ball explodes into a zillion colourful pieces and the game goes into instant replay and slow motion from various angles, just as if SKY SPORTS had the movie rights and was being directed by Quentin Tarantino.

It is a great spectator game as when you are not involved in the match you can watch as your friends and opponents (home or online) make their vehicles streak and blur across the screen with performances of power and pace.

Once you are ready either form a league and invite people in, friends, family and players from online, or join an online league. With it's adrenaline pulsing music and its excellent animation of all moving pieces it is a fascinating, amusing, wild, colourful and fun game with enough options and possibilities to ensure it also has longevity.

Below is a cut n paste from Wikipedia concerning the music played during the game:


Rocket League (Official Game Soundtrack)
Rocket League Official Game Soundtrack cover.png
Soundtrack album by Various Artists
Released July 1, 2015
Genre Electronic dance music
Length 59:41
Label Psyonix

The soundtrack album for Rocket League was released on July 1, 2015.[10] It contains original compositions by Psyonix sound designer and audio lead Mike Ault as well as two contributions by Hollywood Principle.[11]

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Length  
1. "Rocket League Theme"   Mike Ault 1:28
2. "Angel Wings" (feat. Avianna Acid) Mike Ault 6:08
3. "Darkness"   Mike Ault & Christian De La Torre 7:30
4. "Flying Forever" (feat. Morgan Perry) Mike Ault 6:05
5. "I Can Be" (feat. Crysta) Mike Ault 4:18
6. "In My Dreams" (feat. Nikki Wilkins) Mike Ault 6:24
7. "Lacuna"   Mike Ault 7:10
8. "Love Thru the Night" (feat. Morgan Perry) Mike Ault 5:08
9. "We Speak Chinese"   Mike Ault & Abandoned Carnival 4:38
10. "Seeing Whats Next"   Hollywood Principle 3:19
11. "Whiplash"   Hollywood Principle 7:17
Total length:


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