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The German version of "ROBINSON CRUSOE" by Pegasus Spiele appeared to GAME '13 and caused a stir among the players. Now the great adventure is commercially available and with six different scenarios provides a cooperative to two hours of gameplay. The strategy game is designed for 1 to 4 persons and is thus suitable as well for social games rounds as a relaxed solo part on the desert island. Suitable for Christmas, there are also the first additional scenario "King Kong: Adventure on Skull Island".

In "ROBINSON CRUSOE" the myth is taken up around the most famous of all the shipwrecked and transformed into a strategy game with unusually authentic feel. The players get stranded on a deserted island and there must fulfill various tasks, which vary depending on the scenario - and incidentally also the daily survival has yet to be mastered. All this they can do only by working together, so the group members have to coordinate well and pull together. In "King Kong: Skull Island Adventure on the" players accompany a film crew on a lost island and try to protect the team in front of the Ocean's giant ape The scenario on the home page of Pegasus games below. be downloaded for free.

Pegasus Games, it has been written for some years on the flag again breathe new life into the temporarily forgotten genre of cooperative games. After getting the 2009 for the "Game of the Year" nominee "pandemic" and the follow-up "The Dwarves" leads "ROBINSON CRUSOE" the series of cooperative games seamlessly continued. For all fans of the genre can be found in the distribution range of Pegasus Games more cooperative highlights, including "Room 25" by Matagot.

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