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Ristuls Extraordinary Market

"From an extraneous Plane of Existence, came Ristul. As he arrived to our time and space, he began to crave for understanding us. As the ways of human mind seemed different from his, the contact was hard to come into. Yet, Ristul noticed art, thus finding a link between the worlds. As a talented Being, as well as aesthetically aware one, the misterious Entity began creating objects. In time, he made a decision to share his creations with humans, bringing life to the Ristul’s Extraordinary Market!"



Ristuls Extraordinary Market is a company, based in Poland, who make great priced resin scenery, bases and other gaming paraphenalia.

I had the pleasure of painting some of these pieces, and have used them in virtually every tabletop battle I have fought since, even those where they were not necessary!

The value of these superb sculpts, is fantastic, With the 8 piece food stuffs pack coming in at only 12.50 euros, I really think you will have to go a long way for it to be beaten, infact Ristuls entire range is amazing value for money, extremely well cast, and very nice to paint, and there is virtually no cleaning needed, and what little there is, comes straight off with a half decent hobby blade.

From the foodstuffs, to individual bugs for basing, the sculpting is on point, and really will fit onto any 28mm tabletop, from dark ages, to 

modern day.



Some of Ristuls Camp-fires, logs and Market Goods/Food Stuffs.
Once more, the market finds its way into a game.
The incredible detail in some of these (tiny) sculpts, continues to amaze me.
Some of the 30mm Sci-Fi bases Ristul produces.
The woodland/Forest basing kit.

I am looking forward to seeing what comes next from Ristuls Extraordinary Market.

Watch this space.










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