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Set Sail for Battle – ‘Rise of Venice’ Naval Combat Walkthrough Trailer Available Now
Bracknell, UK, 9th October 2013 - Kalypso Media is pleased to release a new walkthrough trailer for Rise of Venice, their recently released trading/political simulation set in Renaissance-era Venice. This new trailer showcases exciting ship-to-ship combat and gives viewers a look at how to equip their vessels for battle, and choose the best weapons for destroying opposing trade ships and pesky pirates.

Rise of Venice is available to purchase now on Windows PC via retail and digital portals.    View it on YouTube here

Venice was at the peak of its power during the Renaissance and was viewed as a city of decadence, beauty and intrigue.  Renowned as the linchpin of civilization and the cultural centre of Europe, Venice was the most important trading post between Western Europe and the eastern stretch of the Mediterranean Sea.  It was also the stage for political corruptions and clandestine dealings.

This is where your story begins.  As a young man striving for success, power and wealth and with the support of your family, you begin to build up a trading empire across Genoa, Tripoli, Rome, Alexandria, and Constantinople in addition to many other significant cities from the Renaissance.  As you progress through the ranks of Venetian society, increasing your power with smart trading moves and calling in the occasional favor, you can begin to assemble your own fleet.  With this you will start to build up new production facilities and test yourself in challenging sea battles where you will face off against pirates as well as political enemies.

Features of Rise of Venice:

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