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RINGS UP! is a 10 minute frolic of fun from BLUE ORANGE. It is a family game for up to 6 players, but even if you aren't playing it is darn good fun just watching.

Designer Alexandre Proit has magicked up a game from virtually nothing, just 48 coloured plastic rings and a deck of 50 colourful cards. Artist Stephane Escapa has ensured that whatever age the players the illustrations are pleasurable to all.

There are a couple of variations on the play but each is just a small deviation on the basic game, and that is more than enough fun to keep the giggles a-coming.

The Rings are in four different colours, 12 of each Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. Players are given two of each colour which they hold in one hand (or they can have them on the table in front of them, or all 48 rings are put in a jumbled mixture on the tabletop) leaving the other hand and especially the thumb, free.

One player turns over the top card from the stack and this will show several objects in the four colours. Some of these objects will have a number (white numbers or a number of dots) in them. The numbers will be in numerical order 1, 2, 3, 4 etc up to 8 in some cases. As soon as the card is flipped over the players immediately start to place the rings on their fingers so that the colours are placed in numerical order. The first player to complete the sequence correctly wins the card.

You can play until all the 50 cards are gone, or until 7 cards have been turned or to whatever number suits all the players; though generally it is best to have an odd number when you have an even number of players and an even number when you have odd players - and some of the people I have played this with could really be described as odd.

There isn't a lot to review because what I have already said is the game and the rules, it really is that easy and simple. However, it is great for youngsters of all ages as long as they know their colours and numbers. Our two year old grandson is in the learning stage for those and thus although he couldn't play the game he was watching and calling out the colours - another 6 months or so and he'll be better at it than me.

Of course me having arthritic forefingers and thumbs is a bit of a disadvantage, but I still beat another grandchild, a ten year old - go me !  I lost out on every game to my wife but in turn my eldest son left us in his dust when we played. As you can tell, it really isn't a game with many boundaries, it is for the family to enjoy plain and simple.


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