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THE RIFTER MAGAZINE is the in-house gazette of all things Palladium. It regularly carries news, resources, ideas, notes, illustrations, maps, articles, scenarios, adventure tid-bits, all manner of characters, races, types, creatures, equipment, and just about anything and everything you could ever need for your adventures in the Palladium Megaverse, no matter which of the Palladium role-playing variations - Palladium rpg, TMNT, RIFTS, Nightbane etc etc - is your particular selection.


Every issue carries news of forthcoming books, sourcebooks, world books and all things associated with the latest Robotech Tactics game as well as being a window to the Megaverse. Collecting each issue will build you a library filled with information and statistics on everything viable to the different Palladium game worlds.

Not everything however is specifically for the Megaverse of rpg's. In issue #70, for example, there is a 10 point checklist of tips for Game Masters. To many players and especially GMs, these will be simple commonsense paragraphs, but for new GMs and players or to GMs who are a little unsure of how to get the best from their players and the adventures these tips, some, few or all, could change the approach they take the next time they sit down to run a game. 


Occasionally, quite often actually, the RIFTER will carry a short story which may be run in just one single issue or over two or more issues. These stories will be tales set in one of the Megaverse universes, for example, Irvin Jackson's "CLEAN" (a story from the RIFTS universe) can be found in issues #69 and #70 - just over 31 full text pages in total. These stories are generally good and may give possibly even give birth to some new ideas for your own future game scenarios.


The RIFTER is an inexpensive way to keep your Megaverse adventures fresh. 96 perfect bound black & white quality paper pages per issue for only $13.95 is very good value for money. Although each article of information or weapon/equipment list etc is generally written pertaining to one specific Palladium universe nearly all of it can be converted or even used directly for several of the settings. Spells, for example, can be used in Palladium Fantasy, Rifts, Heroes Unlimited and possibly also Nightbane and TMNT, and perhaps others.

One of the best things about the RIFTER is that apart from the adverts for upcoming product everything else never goes out of date; the majority of it is almost always useful.

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