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PALLADIUM BOOKS  are highly regarded for publishing their superb magazine, The RIFTER, which is their regular guide to the role-playing megaverse. Here are the latest two editions, numbers 57 and 58.

Number 57 came out just before Christmas (but arrived here just recently - the postal system can be a bit dodgy at times) and talks about Kevin’s (Kevin Siembieda) plans for 2012. The aim is (was) to release
1 - 3 new products a month and I believe, from what I have received for review that for the first 6 months of 2012 this has been happening.

One of the things I learnt from this issue was that Blizzard invited Kevin to their offices to discuss world building. When a company like Blizzard, with huge Worlds of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo, want your input
it shows how important RIFTS and the Palladium Mergaverse is and how highly esteemed it is viewed.  Kevin was also Guest of Honour at this year’s  VisionCon event in Springfield Missouri.

Both of these RIFTER magazines have a lot of additional and new material for RIFTS, ensuring that this  massive role-playing system just gets bigger and better with each issue.

RIFTS isn’t the only setting that is given attention though. Each magazine shows interest to virtually all of Palladium’s settings, usually new creatures and monsters.

Issue #58 has a large section on the Lemurians (one of the latest settings and folk that now have their own excellent sourcebook).

This issue also has a superb free-state setting featuring the buildings, businesses and peoples of Lazlo and a fine addition for the Palladium fantasy setting which introduces various peoples, undead and faerie folk.

Each magazine is like  a 96 page sourcebook, a reference library for all things new in the MegaVerse and is a valuable addition to all things Palladium.  $11.95.


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