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Update 2.3: Empyreal Assault Brings New Content for Everyone

Redwood Shores, CA (June 12, 2013) RIFT®, the award-winning MMORPG from Trion Worlds, is now entirely free-to-play with no trials, no tricks, and no traps. Players around the world can Build their Perfect Class, engage titanic bosses in Massive Dynamic Battles, achieve greatness through epic dungeons and raids, and so much more – all without a subscription. The new era of truly free-to-play gaming has dawned on Telara!

“The aim is to keep free and paid players on the same level — this is not pay-to-win,” said Bill Fisher, Creative Director of RIFT. “Players will see key differences between RIFT and other MMOs that have adopted free-to-play: we don’t restrict content, and we don’t offer pay-to-win items.”

                                                                               There are no restrictions on levels or content for registered free players; the entire world is open to explore and conquer. The expanded in-game RIFT Store offers thousands of items and services – from faction changes to mounts, pets, boosts, and much more – but the best gear must be earned in-game. For those looking for the ultimate RIFT experience, a subscription is available that offers a suite of awesome “Patron” benefits.

Update 2.3: Empyreal Assault is a huge update featuring a massive new zone (Dendrome), 10-player raid, Chronicle, open-world raid bosses, game performance improvements, and more! Play your way in RIFT as the Ascended face the Architect swarms consuming the Dendrome, and celebrate new freedoms with Atrophinius and his merry Satyrs in the whimsical town of Hailol.

To learn more about RIFT Free-to-Play, visit:

RIFT® is now Free to Play with no trials, no tricks, no traps! That means a subscription is no longer required to
adventure through the vast world of Telara and battle the forces of the planes. From now on, you can log in to your RIFT account any time and play with no level or content restrictions.

For more information on RIFT Free to Play, visit the
Free to Play page and FAQ.

Need to download the game again? Get RIFT for free from our Downloads page.

Rewarding Loyalty


On June 12 we're saying goodbye to the Veteran Rewards system and introducing Loyalty. Tons of new rewards will be available for supporting RIFT,
including all the loot that Veterans have enjoyed so far. To kick off the Loyalty program, all RIFT subscribers (current and former) will receive bonus
Loyalty based on their time subscribed to RIFT! 

For more details, check out 
Bill's blog post on Loyalty and read the RIFT Free-to-Play webpage and FAQ.

Trion’s Proven MTX Engine to Power Free-to-Play RIFTTrion Responds to Community Demand;  PLAY ALL YOU WANT AND PAY WHAT YOU WANT AS RIFT® GOES FREE-TO-PLAY!

London (May 14, 2013):  RIFT®, the award-winning online game from Trion Worlds, will adopt a free-to-play business model starting June 12, 2013. Players will be able to experience the entire game world; every dungeon, every zone, and every level and get full access to all current and future game updates.

“We have been listening to feedback from our players and watching the continuously developing MMO community, and are now ready to launch RIFT as a premium free-to-play experience,” said Bill Fisher, Creative Director of RIFT. “After taking our time and planning a careful transition; we are very excited to bring an enhanced game experience to everyone, without barriers.

All players will be able to explore the entire world of Telara for free and will have access to the expanded in-game RIFT Store where a variety of services--mounts, boosts, wardrobe items, and more--will be available for purchase. An optional subscription will still be available that grants a slew of “Patron” benefits and bonuses to maximize the RIFT experience. Trion will celebrate its current and previous subscribers with loyalty and currency rewards for their time spent playing RIFT thus far.

“As a gamer’s game, a super fun and fair experience is of the utmost importance to us,” said Fisher. “Players will have the opportunity to buy customizations and boosts to heighten their play experience; however the best gear in the game will always have to be earned through playing RIFT.”

RIFT free-to-play kicks off with massive content update 2.3, Empyreal Assault, which will open up an unforgettable new zone, world event, chronicle and much more. Empyreal Assault launches on June 12th, 2013 for all Ascended of Telara.

For full details on RIFT F2P visit:

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