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On the Heels of Storm LegionTM, Current and Former* Players Get New Raids, Events, and Holiday Festivities!

 Regulos is coming, and he has a colossal, annihilating axe to grind with the Ascended. Starting Dec. 12, raiders can face off with the Destroyer in a 20-player raid that spans the planes of existence.
The new raid included in RIFT 2.1, Eternal Eclipse, chronicles the Queen of Storms’ flight from Frozen Tempest and pits Ascended against Regulos at the threshold of Telara. While celebrating victories against the Storm Legion during festive Fae Yule, players will be tasked with the unimaginable – journeying to the Plane of Death and claiming final victory against the Destroyer himself.

RIFT 2.1 Includes:

·         20-player raid: Eternal Eclipse
Plunge into Shapers Citadel, a flesh-and-blood fortress of endless horror. Its ancient evils guard a portal to the Plane of Death, where you’ll come face to face with Regulos in a showdown with cosmic repercussions.

·         Chronicle: A Hero Rises 
As the Guardians and Defiant assault Crucia’s frozen citadel, she launches a vicious counter-attack against Tempest Bay. Take to metal and magic goliaths to battle her troops, airships, and a doomsday device that threatens the Ascended with permanent death.

Fae Yule World Event
Grandfather Frost and the Fae are at it again, spreading decorations – and no small amount of mischief – across Telara. Join the festivities and collect seasonal Dimension items, including a set of special gifts that will be revealed throughout the month!

March on Storm Legion
Trion Worlds is inviting former Rift players to login between December 14, at 12:00am PST to December 20, at 11:59pm to experience the entire game and Storm Legion expansion for free!** Former Rift players who have yet to experience the massive Storm Legion expansion including Dimensions are encouraged to login during this promotional period.  

**Offer only open to users who have a valid copy of the RIFT game. Offer entitles user to complimentary RIFT (Expansion + Full Base Game) gameplay time from 12:00am PST December 14, 2012 through 11:59pm PST December 19, 2012. GAMEPLAY REQUIRES: (1) INTERNET CONNECTION (SOLD SEPARATELY), (2) A TRION WORLDS ACCOUNT IN GOOD STANDING, (3) A VALID COPY OF THE RIFT GAME, AND (4) ACCEPTANCE OF GAME LICENSE AND USAGE TERMS. If user re-subscribes to RIFT during complimentary gameplay time, user’s credit card or pre-paid game time card will be charged immediately, and any remaining complimentary gameplay time will be forfeited.


Trion Debuts New Storm Legion Launch Trailer Giving Players a Peek at the Continents of Brevane and Dusken

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – November 13, 2012 – Storm Legion™, the highly-anticipated first expansion to the award-winning MMORPG RIFT®, launches today in North America and Europe. Veteran Ascended can now travel to the ancient continents of Dusken and Brevane where their skills will be put to the ultimate test as they face off against the dragon lords Crucia and Regulos, ultimately determining the fate of plane-ravaged Telara.

Tripling the size of the game world with two new continents, the capital city of Tempest Bay, seven dungeons, and three raids, Storm Legion is one of the deepest MMO expansions ever. An epic questline will open up new adventures, increasing the level cap to 60 and propelling players into massive new zone events and heroic content. Additional features include four new souls (RIFT’s classes), player housing Dimensions, capes, new rift types, and much more.

“Storm Legion is a labor of love, and we dedicate it to our incredibly amazing players.” said Scott Hartsman, RIFT Executive Producer and Trion’s Chief Creative Officer. “Their feedback and critique throughout the expansion’s development really pushed it over the top, making it a truly special experience. Thanks to them, Storm Legion is huge, dynamic, and incredibly fun to play.” 

Storm Legion is available now for purchase at, at retailers across Europe. The expansion pack alone, for existing Rift players, costs £24.99/€24.99. The Combo Pack, which includes the base Rift game is available at £34.99/€34.99, while the extras-laden Infinity Edition costs £34.99/€34.99 for current players and £44.99/€44.99 for new players.  More information on each edition can be found at


First dungeon in RIFT® Storm Legion™ sets up story for the expansion

Storm Legion™ pre-order customers will get their first taste of next month’s monster RIFT® expansion today as Trion opens the “Exodus of the Storm Queen” dungeon. Setting up the main storyline of the expansion, the dungeon will remain open to level capped players who pre-order the new expansion through launch on November 13th.

In the new five player dungeon, Ascended will see why the fate of Telara rests in their hands when Storm Legion hits servers. As they witness Crucia’s escape from her icy prison, players will battle all new bosses and monsters for epic new items coming in the expansion.  Pre-order Storm Legion now to gain access at


Trion Opens Pre-Orders for Standard and Infinity Editions, Releases Epic New Trailer

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - September 5, 2012 – Trion Worlds, the leading publisher and developer of premium games for the connected era, today announced that Storm Legion™, the highly-anticipated first expansion to the hit MMORPG RIFT®, is scheduled to launch simultaneously in North American and European territories on November 13th. Purchase either the Standard or Infinity Editions of Storm Legion today and receive early access to the Exodus of the Storm Queen dungeon and an exclusive Plane of Air-themed cape for your characters.

“Work on Storm Legion literally began before the original game launched last year, so the development team had the rare opportunity to evolve the expansion alongside the live game.” said Scott Hartsman, Executive Producer and Trion’s Chief Creative Officer. “The result is shaping up to be a carefully crafted and extremely polished experience that will completely enthrall players.”

Trion is offering Standard and Infinity Editions of the expansion, both of which grant players extra in-game items sure to set them apart from other Ascended. Additionally, those who buy through one of Trion’s digital or retail partners will receive one of five plane-themed capes.

Storm Legion Standard Edition - £24.99


·         STORM WARDEN’S CAPE - Bound with the power of a living storm from the Plane of Air

·         EARLY DUNGEON ACCESS – Discover how the story of Storm Legion begins in Exodus of the Storm Queen during a World Event sometime in mid-October

Storm Legion Infinity Edition – £34.99


·         BREVANIC PORTAL GENERATOR - An ancient device used by the citizens of Brevane as a personal transporter to any gate in the porticulum network.

·         CYCLONE MOUNT - Faster than an oncoming storm front, this denizen from the Plane of Air can only be controlled by the most powerful commanders of the Storm Legion.

·         MINI REGULOS - A strange creature created by the Master Shapers. Contains all the evil, destruction, and mischief of the original in a pint-sized package!

Visit to pre-order today!

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