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CHAMPION HAFTER BRIDGE - RIALTO published by Stefan field

Friedberg, 22/03/2013 - Pegasus Games released the long awaited board game Rialto Stefan field in a bilingual edition. The match for the power struggle of the noble families in the old Venice since 22 March available.

In "Rialto" two to five players take from ten years in the role of Venetian nobles who want to gain influence and power to finally be on the gray cardinal of Venice. But getting there is not easy. To take over the majority in the six districts, they must build bridges and distribute their councilors strategically.

Controlled is "Rialto" an unusual card mechanism. Players take on not only one card, but take each round to a face-up pile of cards from the table's center. One by one they can use different types of cards to perform actions. Again, it is like in different districts for majorities: If you play most of the cards of one type gets either a bonus or even access to a coveted special offer - for example, the bridge construction.

This gameplay and the unique design make "Rialto" an absolute treat for players, and it shines with a moderate playing time of 45 minutes. Its author Stefan field is currently one of the most successful game inventor and could yet end up with five times its games on the recommended list of Game of the Year jury. Strasbourg, which appeared in 2011 at Pegasus Games was even nominated for the "connoisseur Game of the Year".


Players: 2-5 people

Duration: from 45 minutes

Age: 10 years

Author: Stefan field

Graphics: Andreas Resch

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