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REZROG for Steam on the PC from SoapHog Game Studio


This is a hybrid dungeon adventure game, meaning that it's great for fun players, younger players, new players and experienced players; there's something for everyone. Heck, even if you aren't that keen on dungeoneering the animated characters and the way the dungeon builds as each door is opened are super just to watch. The characters are like flat, thick card stuck into plastic bases and the dungeon walls are formed from small cardboard boxes patterned with a stone wall wallpaper finish. As each door is opened these boxes bounce and roll into position forming uneven offset dungeon walls, dog-legging left and right, forming corridors, until they end at a door. Unless a door (or chest, cell etc) has a lock for which characters need keys, the doors open automatically as approached.

The dungeons, there are several of them, are entered by the player's character by clicking on the map and then the dungeon in question. Just before entering a dungeon the character is given a Goal - collect this, kill these, do this etc. Each characters' (I)nventory has a scroll that will take you back to the village if you complete your quest/mission. Some of the rooms contain chests, barrels or other types of furniture which can be activated or opened by the character and rewards gained. Other rooms (and sometimes the ones with chests etc in them) contain a monster or two (or more) or an opponent such as a Wizard who can summon creatures to fight for him. 


Like all good dungeon adventures REZROG begins in a Tavern. Here you find seven unnamed party members all ready and waiting to be chosen for a mission. Although they are without names they aren't without class (well adventurer class): Each character is one of the seven basic character classes and as such has specific bonuses credited to them: Summoner has +1 on Intellect and Agility. Warrior has +2 on Strength. Rogue has +1 on Luck and Agility. Warlock has +1 on Endurance and Intellect. Paladin +2 Endurance. Archer +2 Agility and Mage +2 Intellect.

On my first foray into a dungeon I found a 2-handed sword and some healing potions (heal 25%) and then completed my first mission. Feeling brave I went on to the second dungeon where my first encounter yielded a leather jerkin (armour) and my second a "magic" shield - just what I needed with only a 2-handed sword as a weapon.

So my Paladin died, killed by something I didn't recognise and that hit pretty hard. Well actually that's not quite true, I think, I mean I'm not sure if she died, although her life liquid drained to zero, but the onscreen message was that the Paladin has been captured, so I took it to mean she was in a cell somewhere, probably in the dungeon she was defeated in. Back in the Tavern I recruited the Thief and set off to rescue the Paladin (or so I thought) though the message I received was something about collecting a horde of gems. I didn't take a lot of notice because my thoughts, as any good dungeoneer will tell you, were on rescuing the Paladin. So with my new recruit I entered the same dungeon expecting to locate the Paladin in  a cell, but instead I found the same critter who had defeated the Paladin and of course the  Thief wasn't anywhere near as powerful as the Pally and so defeat came swiftly.

Back in the Tavern I resigned to recruit another character but take her into the easier first dungeon in the hope of finding some equipment and a better weapon to allow me to rescue the Pally (and the Thief) and so it went on until there were no adventurers left in the Tavern and I had to start again. It is quite similar to the excellent Guild of Dungeoneering in fact I would say it is the next natural step along from that game. 


As a dungeon builder/adventure game it is super for all ages and experience and could be a wealth of ideas for aspiring GMs.




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