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Compatible with Just Flight VFR Real Scenery, Playsims (Horizon Simulation) VFR Photographic Scenery and TileProxy or equivalent (FS Earth Tiles / Map2bgl)

Revolution-X for FSX

£24.99 / €30.95 / $37.99

(requires one of the three compatible photo-scenery
add-ons listed above to be installed in FSX)

Revolution-X uses ground-breaking new technological processes to inject a comprehensive Autogen layer into FSX photo-scenery, placing millions of houses, buildings, churches, trees and hedgerows in their real-world locations across England, Scotland and Wales. So, for the first time in FSX, every village, town and city is fully formed with its real-life streets and estates, and woods and hedgerows tracing the edges of real-life fields and the contours of the land.

Revolution-X also includes its own 3D Night Lighting system which provides breathtaking illumination effects across the whole terrain.

For the first time, sequenced traffic lights change from red to amber to green at junctions and roundabouts, and millions of 3D light objects appear, not only along major roads but also mapped to individual houses and buildings, wherever they are.

The result of combining Revolution-X with a compatible photo-scenery add-on is a complete and realistic recreation of England, Scotland and Wales at any time of day or night, and at any altitude from ground level up.

See the Just Flight website for screenshots, video and full details!

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