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Ulisses Spiele Announces Return of Torg in New Updated Edition 

CHANDLER, AZ (July 21, 2015) – Ulisses Spiele US, a division of Germany’s premiere game manufacturer and distributor, today announced the return of the influential Torg roleplaying game.
The new game is entitled Torg: Eternity, and is a new and updated take on the original game and its setting. The design team includes many who worked on the original Torg line that debuted from West End Games in 1990.
Torg co-creator Greg Gorden has been involved at a high level and given it his blessing: “I really like this re-imagining of the TORG mythos. The streamlining and modernization of the game mechanics feel spot on. I cannot wait to play this game!”
The game’s rights were sold after the closure of West End Games and were eventually purchased by Torg fan and president of Ulisses Spiele, Markus Plotz. “TORG is a one of a kind RPG. The setting is unique and for over 15 years, I dreamed about releasing a new and updated version. Now, with the help of the amazing Shane Hensley, that dream finally becomes reality!”
Shane Lacy Hensley heads up the United States studio where both Torg: Eternity andThe Dark Eye are being created. “Though my plate is pretty full with my own company, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, I couldn’t resist working on the game that gave me my start. I also met a kindred spirit in Markus Plotz who truly loves and appreciates what a turning point Torg marked in RPG development, so I just couldn’t say no.”
Torg: Eternity will debut in 2016 in deluxe, full color hardback format.
About Ulisses Spiele
Ulisses Spiele is the premiere manufacturer of RPGs in Germany. The company’s portfolio includes amongst other games The Dark Eye (the biggest Fantasy RPG in Germany), the German version of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (as a license from US RPG giant Paizo Inc.) and the new German V20 version of Vampire – The Masquerade.
Additionally Ulisses Spiele is known as the German distributor for the critically acclaimed tabletop games Warmachine and Hordes from Privateer Press and Infinityfrom Corvus Belli.
With TORG: Eternity, Ulisses Spiele publishes its first English RPG.

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