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Announcing Retro Loonacy

Looney Labs is proud to announce its newest card game!

College Park, MD - July 27, 2015 Combining feverishly, fast-paced gameplay with a design aesthetic from decades ago, Looney Labs has created the retro-licious Retro Loonacy! Players will race to match an image on one of the cards in their hand with an image on one of the cards in the discard pile(s). The first player to empty their hand wins.

"Retro Loonacy is an ode to technology of a time gone by," stated Andy Looney, Chief Creative Officer of Looney Labs, "but more importantly, it's a really fun game! Super fast and easy to learn, a game of Retro Loonacy always ends with someone saying my three favorite words, 'Let's play again!' Plus, it will let you teach your kids all about rotary phones and VHS tapes!"

Retro Loonacy is a fantastic game for a wide range of gamers, making it a perfect choice for any style game night. Speed of the hand and luck of the draw determine the winner in this frenzied free-for-all! Retro Loonacy features beautiful artwork by the amazing Andrew Heath, and will be in stores on October 2, 2015, with an MSRP of $15. It's a gas!

About Looney Labs

Looney Labs was founded in 1996 by Kristin & Andrew Looney, a husband and wife team that gave up successful careers as aerospace engineers (they met while working at NASA) to pursue their hobby business full time. They could tell early on the true hit potential their card game Fluxx had, so they took the jump and quit their day jobs so they could dedicate all their energy to making and promoting Andy's games. With the creation of new and exciting versions of Fluxx, the popularity of the game has spread worldwide and spawned numerous international publications. The Looneys believe one of the most important things they create is the fun people have while playing their games. Andy Looney continues to create Looney Labs games, from those with lighter play, like Fluxx and Just Desserts, to more strategic games like Chrononauts and the Looney Pyramid game system.


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