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Kevin L Jones   Z-MAN GAMES

QUEEN’S RANSOM is a card game based very loosely CLUEDO (CLUE to our American buddies) with a touch of chaos thrown in by way of event cards that can move clues around.

There are two sides of the game - the Suspects and the Locations. 3 Suspects are placed face up and a Suspect Evidence card is placed above and below each Suspect. The same occurs for the Locations except you use Location Evidence cards. There are 2 sets of 6 evidence cards. Each set has the same cards, 3 x +1 a -1 a -2 and a +2.

The idea is that by spending money cards or using event cards you look at the evidence and deduce which Location and which Suspect have the highest total and then declare the result.

It’s okay as a 2 player game but it doesn’t hold up well with 3, 4 or 5 players as there is so little to do and not much enthusiasm for doing it. The author has seen this and thrown in some random event cards that allow you to move some of the cards around. Instead of adding excitement it adds to the player’s attitude of icouldn’tcarelessiveness.

It is one of those games that you either love or you wonder how it ever got to publication.



Shadi Torbey     Z-MAN GAMES

This is a most unusual game. To begin with it is for either 1 or 2 players, and then the artwork by Élise Plessis is very avant-garde and modernistic.
The two versions are fundamentally the same with the main exception that instead of having a hand of 5 cards as in the one-player game, the two players have 3 cards each and there are 2 shared - as in Texas Hold’Em Poker.

Basically some of the cards are Doors, some are Labyrinth rooms, the others are Dreams/Nightmares or Relics. In the basic game there are only Nightmares and Relics do not come into play unless you are playing one of the expanded versions; 3 of which are with this game.
The game boils down to the players attempting to get through the Labyrinth by finding the correct doors and  then  playing a card and drawing a card. If they draw a Nightmare they have to resolve it - there are 3 ways - other cards are held and used later.
If enough Doors are discovered and found - just drawing one from the deck doesn’t count - the player is successful, but if the deck (time) expires then they lose. It’s a challenge but do many people now play solo card games that are not computerised ?


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