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Censored for 16 year olds and upwards RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS from CAPCOM puts the undead
epidemic franchise back on track following the not-so-well-reported Resident Evil 6. This is set around/between
the 4th and 5th Resident Evil outings and it is action all the way.

Heroine Jill Valentine lands on a deserted ship and begins her search for her old partner. What she finds are
horrific creatures and a whole caboodle of disastrous events just waiting for her to stumble into, tricks, traps and
deadly violence - just what the games player ordered.

Graphically this uses the PS3's capabilities excellently. It is sharp, high in detail and the action is swift and surreal;
the sounds and sound effects aren't too bad either. It has transferred from the 3DS, where it was first seen, effortlessly
and without any loss of action or adventure. On the PS3 the graphics are HD and thus are brighter (better lighting)
and do not have the jagged edges found on the creatures and characters.


Apart from a few differences, bits added and bits removed, the campaign is virtually the same as the 3DS version, but it is
still worth repeating - even if you have finished/played the 3DS game. One of these differences is a new creature that can stick
to a ceiling and attack from above with instant death, meaning your character will likely die at least once before learning
how to deal with it.
There are also some new puzzles that take the place of those that utilise the 3DS touch screen. For some
problems Jill will automatically perform the necessary actions to speed up the gameplay.

Fighting creatures underwater takes a little getting used to, more so in the harder levels of difficulty (Infernal and Raid)
where you have more enemies and thus less time to act and react. In these harder levels you get less pick-ups, less ammo,
and more adversaries - often multiples at the same time. You can use can to unlock extra weapons on Revelations
in a similar manner to using it in RE6 to unlock new Mercenaries.
Also like RE6 in combat you have a crosshair instead of
the laser pointer from the 3DS version. 

Revelations is better than RE5 or RE6  and different from the 3DS version. It is well designed for maximum edge of seat fun.


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