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REPUBLIQUE REMASTERED is unusual in a number of ways, the first of which is the way you purchase it. When you hand over your payment you have to buy all FIVE of the episodes despite the fact that only THREE of the episodes are currently available, so you are buying on trust; however at a cost of under £20.00 you aren't betting the house.

This is a dramatic adventure where you are assisting and sometimes controlling the protagonist, a young lithe, athletic girl named Hope. Hope is being held in a locked cell in what appears to be some kind of multi-roomed mega-mansion. Everytime she gets caught by a guard she is returned to this cell and the door locked; moments later Cooper, your inside-man, lets you out and off you go investigating again, mainly trying to discover what is going on and, I assume, how to escape.


Hope has a good artificial intelligence in as much as unless you force control her (as in over-ride her instincts) she will drop down and hide behind walls and objects when necessary, peering casually and unseen around corners until the coast is clear; Hope has strong and fairly independent A.I. but the guards do not, hence all they ever do is escort you back to your cell and then off they go to do whatever guards do when they aren't guarding.

Your main job is to ensure Hope has a clear path through rooms and corridors. You do this by monitoring the CCTVs throughout the prison and instructing her accordingly, quite often through you manually controlling and operating her like any normal game avatar/puppet.


If you are quick enough when a guard approaches you can have Hope taser them, unless they are in body armour in which case a good dose of Pepper Spray will do the trick. Hope is averse to combat other than these counter-measures (and an occasional gas grenade which disperses a sleeping gas) and does not wish hurt or harm to anyone, even though she is being held against her will.

Apart from the main story there are a couple of side tales that are actually as, if not more, interesting. One involves some very well known novels that have suffered a media ban at on time or another and another has you proceeding with some journalistic spying - both of these being adventures you should follow at your own speed when you come across them.


Each episode ends on what is basically a cliff-edge, leading into the next phase. The chances are that you are going to be so involved with the game and so in empathy with many of the characters, not just Hope, that you'll want to continue from the end of episode one to episode two then three and then ....... bah humbug!  I will be very surprised if you aren't thumping the desk and screaming inside when you get to the end of episode three.

This game was launched following a Kickstarter campaign, and from what I have ascertained from the internet part of the campaign was to have your name somewhere within the game and thus the names of the guards may seem recognisable to friends and family as well as the persons themselves who bought into it.

Wonderful backdrops, highly intelligent stories, neat animation and an unusual take on the controller; this is a game that does have a few inane puzzles - turning lights on in the correct order sort of thing - but will otherwise keep you thrilled and entertained for some good time.

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