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Epic fantasy adventure meets competitive survival in Rend. Inspired by the fabled universe of Nordic myth, choose to play among three rival factions in Faction War mode or play solo in Classic and Exploration modes to build your stronghold, tame brutal creatures, and conquer enemy players.

Not a lot I can say about REND. I have not been able to contact the company who supplied me the Early Access version on Steam, and there seems to be no update that I can find on the internet or through the game itself. The game is published by FROSTKEEP STUDIOS and as soon as I hear back this page will be updated.

What I have seen, and the few moments I have played, I have enjoyed and felt that I was really going to like the game. I created a character (basics only) started on a server (several actually) and saw some of the world, albeit far to briefly.and then the game just crashed and left onscreen one of a number of different reasons for it no longer running, two of which are shown below.

As I say, if I can get a result that allows me to continue then this will turn into a full review. If you have the game and are having similar problems then you know you are not alone. If you have the game and it plays correctly please let me know the version/edition you have and which type of server you are playing on. I have only played PvE because I wanted to know some of what I was doing before going against opponents who do know the rules and strategies involved.




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