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This is an amazing action adventure game that if given enough support could give the Tomb Raider franchise a
run for its money. It features a young girl, Nilin, who is what is called an Errorist - someone who can enter and
steal other people's minds..
She used to be an elite memory hunter but now her masters have turned against her, fearful of her knowledge and
have wiped most of her memory. At the games start she is inline to have her brain completely wiped when Edge,
a mystery man, helps her escape. In this third-person actioner players take control of Nilin.

Nilin moves and acts in a way quite similar to Lara Croft, running, jumping and fighting with amazing expertise.
Nilin is now on a quest to regain all of her memories while she is being hunted by the authorities.

The story is strong and keeps the player interested throughout but of course the major excitement is the combat.
There are two types of attack, Pressens and S-Pressens:

Nilin is voiced by Welsh actress Keira Burrows.

Power Pressens:
These allow Nilin to attack with speed and deal heavy damage. They are influenced by Judo and Karate and can break
through defensive guards and finish moves with Memory Overload.

Regen Pressens:
As the name suggests these can regenerate health for Nilin, unlock achievements and trophies and being designed on
speciality martial arts kicks they are very good in close quarters against several enemies at the same time.

Cooldown Pressens:
These deal only a small amount of damage but have the power to speed up the cooling down period of some S-Pressens.

Chain Pressens:
Again the main power of these Pressens is in the name (Chain). They duplicate the previous Pressen in a combo and
double its effect. They should never be used at the beginning of an attack combo.

As the game progresses you learn new fighting skills and can build up combinations to suit your own style. You do this
by visiting the Combo Lab. Here you can fit your skills into 3, 5, 6 and 8 hit combos.

Characters have a resource called Focus which is generated through her actions in combat, hitting ot being hit.  Focus
can be increased in chunks by finding the Focus Boosts in Neo-Paris.
S-SENSENS include Sensen Fury, Densen Dos, Logic Bomb, Rust in Pieces and Sensen Camo.
S-Sensons use a fair amount of Focus and should only be used when absolutely necessary.

Both Pressens and S-Pressens are unlocked and become available as you travel through the game.

Nilin begins taking orders from Edge, these orders being in the form of the quests and missions that eventually make
up a large part of Nilins search for her lost memories.

This is a really great game with action that just gets better and better as the game goes on. Sometimes I wish I could just
stand and take in the beauty of the scenery and all the surroundings, but the action is just too good to miss.


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