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Relic Knights: Darkspace Calamity

 Ninja Division, Soda Pop Miniatures.

"The universe is dying.

One by one the Darkspace Calamity has consumed the galaxies of our universe. Now only a single galaxy remains – The Last Galaxy. Only the mighty champions known as Relic Knights possess the strength to overcome the Calamity and save us all from total destruction".



Relic Knights is a tabletop skirmish game (I really enjoy terrain heavy skirmish games, and RK’s does not disappoint) with an anime theme, the universe is dying, and as a Relic Knight, it is your duty to save the Last Universe from destruction, although this doesn’t get in the way of having a good ‘ol dust up with fellow knights of different factions.


The minis are fantastic, the quality is amazing, the details minute, and I am looking forward to getting them on my paint table, my only complaint (and one I have with many minis nowadays) is lack of pose-ability for guys like myself who are not handy with the green stuff, that said, the figures in a squad are not carbon copies of each other, so they do look great on the field.


Relic Knights has six factions and each one relates to one of the colours of Esper (the driving force of the universe); the academic Doctrine (yellow – Essence), primarily psychic   attackers with lots of AoE Debuffs, the Cerci Speed Circuit (green – Creation), made up of high speed hit and run and to hand fighters, the Shattered Sword (blue – Law),  a faction of high defence, heavy HtH hitters, Black Diamond (purple – Corruption), a mercenary faction of ranged attackers with high armour, the (evil) Noh Empire (red – Entropy), Monstrous Japanese devil) units with high HtH heavy hitters, and berserking Kyojin, and last but not least, the Star Nebula Corsairs (orange – Chaos),  Pirates… yes, Space Pirates!


 RK’s uses a card driven system for task resolution, combat, defence and non-combat actions, quite unlike any other I have seen or played. There is very little random element to it, save for the luck of the draw, as you have a set number of Esper that an ability costs, and when you pay for it, using the Esper on the cards, it happens, as long as your opponent does not counter it, by paying the Esper cost for any defence or deflect ability he may have. Once your ability has worked, you sort out damage, subtract enemy armour, the result is the damage they receive to that unit (a unit can be a single figure, or a squad of troops).


 Each unit has a statistic card, and an ability card, the stat card contains all the info you need for the units movement range, combat skills and health points, the ability card has all relevant abilities and their costs in Esper (including which of the six colours) you need to pay. The stat card is placed onto your ‘dashboard’ a playmat for ordering units readiness for activation. Depending on the size of the game you are playing, depends how many units you have ready for activation at any given time, and after a unit has activated, it placed in the idle pile of units ready to be selected again. This system allows for the activation of whichever units you need at the time, generally resulting in mini battles going on across the 3x3 board, rather than letting your opponent gain the upper hand because you have to activate a unit across the board unable to affect anything at that time.








A box set of RK’s will set you back around £30, and for that you get around 25 points of figures, a full Esper deck, unit cards, rules, a dashboard playmat and a set of acrylic tokens including 50mm primary and secondary objective markers, and boost markers (various bonus abilities that generate an ingame effect), or tokens required for the multiple different scenarios you can play. In today’s high priced world, RK’s is fantastic value for money.

We also received the hardcover rulebook, which is a beautifully presented reprinting of the rules provided with a box set, but also includes some great fluff background stories about the Darkspace Calamity, and each of the factions, stats for each unit within the factions, and amazing anime artwork.


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