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You take on the character of Vasily, an ex agent for one of the world's largest weapon industry corporations. Your job description included spying, security, assassination, blackmail and getting answers by any means necessary (and some means maybe not so necessary).  Eventually you outgrew your usefulness and became surplus to requirements and only by strength, courage and luck did you manage to escape from the hitmen sent after you by the corporation and found 20 years of sanctuary in a snow surrounded monastery. For reasons known only to them, the corporation have been searching for you all the time you have been in hiding and now they are closing in on you. It isn't just you that you have to worry about, the monks are your friends and they have been good to you and now your previous life is coming back to hurt them. It's up to you to prevent the sh*t hitting the monastery's fan and there's only one way you know how to do that - bring back your old skills and abilities and introduce them to your Monk-based expertise!


REDEEMER has a top-down view for its play but it is an angled down view, meaning that you aren't looking straight down on Vasily's head, and this actually gives a better perspective than the top of head down look. Vasily is a huge man and his brawn beats Einstein's intelligence. but even so he isn't stupid. He is however, very unforgiving when he is involved in combat, of any type, and he has been known to break an opponent, that is literally 'break'. There isn't a fighting move you/Vasily doesn't know, clean or dirty (especially dirty) and don't get me (ie 'him') started on combos and jump attacks, they don't get much more brutally violent than a well organised triple charge, jump and karate kick to the head or chest.

The thing is that although Vasily is great (read 'amazing') at winning fights it is unusual for him to stop once the opposition is down. He likes lumps of flesh flying across the room and lumps of room flying towards the flesh, and the more blood the merrier. On the other hand (or hands or even in the other hand or hands) he has ninja-like skills that allow him to make a weapon out of anything the game allows him to pick up, candelabra, poker, chair, human arm, brick etc. Surprisingly Vasily is also a master of stealth (as long as you can control him well when sneaking up from behind is required).

In my opinion the best way to play is in Single player mode but that's mainly because I like to go solo, play when I want to and not require assistance from others, guess in online games I'm a bit of a loner. There is a two-player cooperative mode though, this allows both you and your friend to share beating the crap out of enemies, hand-to-hand or hard object-to-head. You can practice all your moves and skills in the arena before putting them to use in the best and most brutal way possible.

To ensure you have the most fun all the time, Vasily's skills and abilities can be expanded and extended after victories, in fact similar to the majority of games in this genre one good turn deserves the opportunity to learn another, and there are around fifty new moves, powers, abilities available to attain and master.


On the PS4 the graphics are sharp with right in your face arcade style animated action. This makes REDEEMER a game for players who do not suffer from any form of dizzyness and especially for players who are quick on the buttons and sticks of console controllers. Vasily can take a fair amount of damage, which is good for me as a bit of a slower player, though the damage he dishes out, especially the amount of blood decorating the floors and walls at the end of a good fight, may be a bit much for some younger players and those with feint hearts, it does get a bit messy and amusing, as long as dismembering bad guys is your favourite pastime. It's no worse than in a number of 18+ games and it is a lot more fun than many that throw blood and gore around for the sake of it without having a decent tale to back it up. REDEEMER does have a suitable storyline plus it also has all the subtelty of a Schwarzenegger revenge movie. Vasily has the cold heart of his mother Russia's Siberian desert so if you come across a cuddly kitten don't expect him to snuggle up to it, he's more likely to rip it in half and eat it. (Just to be fair, I haven't come across a kitten yet, but be warned anyway, just in case).


I've already mentioned some of the different ways you can kill adversaries in this game but as it is first and foremost a virtually non-stop kill-fest it is worth reiterating that your fists, feet, absolutely (almost) anything in the game's environment and planning a stealthy attack are among the weapons you have at hand to employ on your quests. Combat is good, fighting is fun, but brutish butchering shouldn't be something to be gleeful about but for some reason it just is.

Not much more I can say about REDEEMER: Enhanced Edition. It is one of the better skirmish and battles games currently available. If there's a problem with it then it's the fact that the designers at Ravens Court have put a lot of time and money into developing a wonderful environment by way of 3D high definition locations that because of the speed and fluidity of play one has but little opportunity to actually enjoy. Only by standing back and observing someone else playing can you truly get the depth and creative perception of the situations Vasily finds himself in (or creates for himself).


£22.00 - £25.00 for a Blu-Ray DVD game of this magnitude is good value for money. Play it on a large screen TV/monitor if you can to get the full experience and then be prepared for many hours of blood, carnage and slaughter. In todays 'PC' world (and I don't mean the shop or the computer) I am surprised it only carries a 16 pegi certificate. This is a revision of a PC (yes, the computer this time) game from 2017 and was released for the PS4 (and other consoles) in July 2019 so if it appeals to you, it is available in the stores now.


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