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  Little Red Riding Hood  A Zombie Fairy Tale

Who else but the exceptional Breitensteins, Kerry & Todd, could take a conventional Fairy Tale and turn it into an unconventional board game ?Twilight Creations have struck at our hearts (literally) again.

Grandma is sick and in need of her basket of food and medicine. Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are out on the town and so it falls to our heroine, Little Red and her sisters, to find the quickest and safest path through the Zombie Wolf woods.

Little Red has some Helpers, other fairy-tale characters that everyone will be familiar with. These are: (the hero formerly known as) Prince, the Wicked Queen, the Huntsman, the Fairy Godmother, the Youngest (victim) Brother and the Evil Stepmother - okay so I have embellished a bit but isn’t that what Fairy Tales do? Each of these characters has a special action that helps the player get to Grandma’s Cottage.

The game board shows the woods and the player’s starting positions. The board shows columns formed by vertical lines into which the players play Path or Obstacle tiles. These tiles are laid from the bottom of the board towards the top, 10 tiles can be laid in each column. Tiles are randomly drawn but if there is a legal place a drawn tile can be played into it must be played; tiles have to be placed touching the base line or previously played tiles.

The Effect cards each have a Movement value and an action/effect. Players can use either when they play a card. The Effects cards, like the Helpers, can be useful to the player or detrimental to the other players.

The players take on the roles of Little Red and her sisters, Little Green, Little Black, Little Yellow and Little Blue. Because this is a Twilight Creations game these are not just Pawns, they are plastic figures of girls wearing cloaks and hoods and carrying picnic baskets.

Having a Zombie Wolf appear on the path in front of you means Combat. Bullet tokens and a Wolf token are placed in a bag and one drawn. If the Wolf is drawn you are forced backwards, if a bullet is drawn you shoot the wolf. There are only so many Bullet tokens and once they are gone they are gone - all that the player chooses to put in the bag are gone also so there is a little wisdom (no she isn’t one of the sisters) needed.

This is a good tile laying, movement and combat, fun game filled with dozens of (plastic) Zombie Wolves - oh come on, it’s a Twilight Creations game so there has to be Zombies involved. The rules are simple and short, the components are top quality, with strong card tiles and hard wearing cards.

Twilight Creations have given Zombies a good name and this game only enhances this reputation.


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