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I haven't had the chance to write a review yet because this is the first time I have had a break from playing and been able to get to the computer. I can say that from the beginning RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 is like having a part in a movie.

This is adventure, story-telling action of the highest quality. The characters are fantastic, the voice talent spot on, the terrain, the buildings are like cinematic panoramic video views. I thought Red Dead Redemption was one of the best action adventure games ever for the XBox360, this surpasses my thoughts on that edition and only a console like the PS4 can do it justification - I just wish I had a 4K television but even then I don't know how much better it could be. Maybe RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 in 3D or VR ? 

To be honest if this was in VR or 3D there wouldn't be adjectives enough to describe it, as it is my superlatives fade against its excellence.


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You play a member of an Outlaw Gang which includes both men and their women. You are 'Bad' men but not as bad as some of the other gangs of bandits, assassins and murderers you will encounter on this journey.

Look at the texture of the horse flesh, the harshness of the snow - this is one of the first games I have played where you actually make footprints in snow and when you turn round to look back those footprints/tracks are still visible. Also beware, that snow is deep and treacherous, one wrong movement and it's a long slippery slope down the side of the mountain on your way to the last 'Checkpoint' reached.

If you like Westerns, this is set towards the end of the 'Wild West', then you will be in raptures about this game.



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