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For thousands of years the medusae have slumbered beneath the Statue Hills, waking only once every century or so to check on their minions and put their long-term plans into action. The return of the ophidae has given them new hope, for now it is possible to sire a new generation. Soon their eggs will hatch. Soon the hatchlings will grow to adulthood. Soon the medusae will emerge from the subterranean homes to conquer the surrounding desert.

Inside you’ll find:
* A brief history of the realm.
* An insight into medusae hibernation.
* An exploration of the many hazards that await explorers.
* A look at the medusae’s military.
* 10 new locations to explore, including the Grand Temple of Ss’essliss and the Valley or the Oracle.
* 1 new major NPC.
* Ideas for why heroes may visit the Realm of the Medusae and adventure seeds.
* 1 new minor deity – Handarsaga, the god of stasis.
* 2 new monsters and guidelines for creating variant medusae.
* Notes for the GM on how to create living statues and stone golems.

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