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REAL SOCCER is a free to play football game. In all the games of it I have played it has only been a 5-a-side game so I do not know
whether full 11-a-side games are a part of this game.

At the beginning of the game you can create 1-5 characters - this makes it seem like a role-playing game not a football simulation. Several
times while I was setting up a character I received an error message saying "prohibited character" but it never tells me what part of my set
up is erroneous. Eventually I got through the system and created my first player.

Height, weight, face size, neck length, shoulder height, shoulder width, thickness and length of arms, chest height, waist position and leg

Complextion, shape, hair colour and style, eye colour and shape, eyebrows, facial hair, cheeks, nose shape and length, lips shape, colour
and size, chin shape and length, jaw shape.

Tech Stats
Ball technology, determination, kick power, kick accuracy, tackling, reacting.

Driving Force, quickness, agility, duel, endurance, heading ability.

Server Selection
Training, Rookie, Amateur, Semi Pro, Competition, Free, Club........

I know that all games say you should go through their Tutorial but in this case you really should. You need to complete each session 5 times,
this can be tackling (standing or sliding) an AI player 5 times, scoring 5 goals past an AI keeper or running with the ball and shooting 5 times.
Plus numerous other skills. At the end of the Tutorial you are given a pair of boots and 3 shoe update vouchers.

Things that are wrong about this game:
There is no goal line technology - the ball is often seen to cross the goal line (fully cross) yet no goal is given and the goal-keeper saves it.
The commentary is very poor. It begins by saying the teams are coming out of the tunnel, when they are already on the field and from there
it goes more awry. At one stage in a game my team was 1-0 up and as we scored our second goal the commentator said we had equalised, but
showed a 2-0 scoreline.
There are no options on mode of play, there is just one. You choose a team and that's it, it's up to you to guide your players (characters) from
beginners through to super stars (perhaps).

Things that are good in this game:
Players can drop in and out.
You select a server or make your own game that anyone can play in.
The graphics are very good for a free game and the size of the players means you can easily see them - named players have their names above
their heads.
The A.I. is reasonably good - AI opponents will tackle your players, pass around you to each other, shoot, take corners and free kicks and the
goal keepers aren't easily beaten.

This isn't the best football game you will ever play but it also isn't the worse. You get points for scoring, for completed passes, good tackles
and everything you do right - you lose points for things you do wrong, such as fouling, getting red or yellow cards etc.

REAL SOCCER is a good fun game to play occasionally. It doesn't compare to Ultimate Soccer or FIFA or any of the major publishers games,
and I don't like the 5-a-side aspect. Movement and controls are a bit awkward as it is by right click on the mouse button, passing and shooting
by the left mouse button plus you can use [ctrl] or [shift] the mouse wheel, the mouse wheel button or both left and right buttons at the same time.

As it's free it is worth a try. If you don't like it you have lost a little time, if you do like it then, well you have a free game on your PC for whenever
you fancy a quick game of soccer.

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