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Featuring Realistic Football Action, Strategy and Team and Player Management Online, ‘Real Soccer’ and The RS Online Store Launch Today
Berlin, Germany – July 17, 2013 – OnNet Europe kicks off July with the official launch of Real Soccer, now available online to players throughout Europe. A realistic football experience online, Real Soccer gives aficionados the chance to build up their own players and teams and then challenge other Real Soccer players in online tournaments and club matches. Also launching today is the Real Soccer online store, which allows players to purchase enhancements such as aesthetic items, special items to accelerate the earning rate of in-game currency and, most importantly, players can now purchase a trainer and/or a coach for their character, ensuring accelerated leveling up because of additional experience points earned.
About Real Soccer:
Real Soccer challenges players’ football strategy and execution skills through dedicated practice and friendly competition with online players throughout Europe. Providing a realistic football experience online, Real Soccer players must defeat sophisticated AI and other online players throughout Europe to reign supreme. Featuring full customization options, players can first create a unique look for their character and then choose from any position, (including goalie), to steadily improve their skills and earn new customizations through diligent practice. Players can then challenge sophisticated AI opponents or other players to compete and interact with them.
Now available in the Real Soccer online store, players can purchase a number of enhancements to improve their character’s performance and progression and even to change their character’s look with special aesthetic items. Providing the fastest character progression, Trainers and Coaches can also now be purchased. Trainers increase the amount of experience points that players get for specific player stats, including Header, Ball Touch, Endurance, etc., by 25-50%. Coaches provide a heftier boost for all character statistics, helping players to level up even faster. Real Soccer players can also purchase aesthetic items to change their character’s hair, face, body shape, etc., as well as special items to increase the amount of in-game currency they can win for single games to help speed up character development.
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