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A Strategy Train Game by  James Eastham & Steve Ellis

Artwork by  David Oram  & Carey Grayson

This is a very clever, well thought out strategy game that is equally playable and enjoyable for 2, 3 or 4 players.  It is hailed as a card game but in truth it is as much a board game driven by the playing of cards as it is a straight card game.

A hexagonal Start Board is placed on the table and from here tracks (on cards) are laid by the players. There are only a few rules about track placement but they are the crucial element of play. Any colour of track can start out from the Start Board but then that colour has to be continued (Jokers played count as the same colour of the track) - all track in a single line has to be the same colour.

When playing track the player must lay enough and of the correct (or higher) value to reach a previously played Station or they must end their track laying by also placing a Station at the end of the track - no loose track may be built. Thus players often play more than one card in their turn - but they may only ever pick up one or two cards.

So it is a game of card laying, track building, card management and goods delivering. Stations have a number on them that show the number of goods they begin with - goods blocks are drawn  and placed randomly. The colour of the Station cards central hex determines what type, by colour, of Goods they require (can be delivered there).  Goods are Ore (Blue) Wood (Red) Cattle (Brown and Grain (Yellow).

Railways of the World satisfies these needs: Train Game, Card play, Strategy, Card Management, Resource management (points for collections) and friendly but challenging rivalry amongst players.


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