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Out on Steam (PC) from Mercury RAIDERS of the BROKEN PLANET is a unique fusion of various 3rd person shooters, making it the one you have been waiting for.

It carries a strong storyline but doesn't allow the background to infuse on the enjoyment or the excitement of the action and adventure. Visually it's beautiful! You can judge for yourself on this Youtube clip HERE


You can play solo, with friends or take the ultimate experience and play one (known as the Antagonist) versus a Team of your friends. It has a brilliant gameplay with strategies and action at a playable proportion. Basically there is a lot of substance but it doesn't get in the way. So many games have storyline cut-scenes that play like mini movies and distract from the intensity of the game playing. RAIDERS of the BROKEN PLANET is not bereft of cut-scenes but they are generally breathers, giving you a quick break between activities. (for activities read "killing").

Playing solo you begin with two missions available; First Round and Hanging By A Thread, the first being a fairly long Tutorial and the second carrying on with the actions learned from the first. There are a couple of things that bug me a little (they are not bugs in the game, that's just a phrase) and these are one. when you kill enemies they dissipate onscreen not even leaving a dusty residue, I personally prefer to let bodies lie where they fall, and secondly that (unless I am making an error - which is highly possible although I have tried every key setting and button I could) you cannot fire from the hip as it were, you have to bring up the sight-aiming and then fire. One nasty, frustrating but actually enjoyable part of the game is the low amount of ammunition you have and that can be located. I have yet to find any ammo just laying around, and as said earlier you cannot search the dead bodies of those you have shot because the bodies disappear before you can get close. What you need to do is master the art of stealth killing, creeping up on enemy units and beating them in a brawl-style melee, for then they drop ammunition.


RAIDERS of the BROKEN PLANET has better than average animations and wonderful 3D style backdrops. To please the multitude there are also lots of massive weapons that are now accepted as the norm in sci-fi and sci-fantasy games and stories, propagated by the myriad of miniatures available for tabletop games such as Games Workshop's Warhammer 40K (c)(t)

This is like most games you have played but with the parts that you had wished were in them included. It is a very difficult game to explain in words because it is in may ways a very difficult game to play, successfully. It is complicated and complex, it is strategic and creative, it has strategic and action missions - it is virtually all you could ask for and then some. Dropped on an alien planet that requires cleansing you and your supporting band of heroes begin with 16 lives between you. This means that you can "die" but will resurrect after a short while. Whilst you are dead your comrades have to hold the fort without you - being a man down makes for difficult situations. Every time there is a death in the party the resurrection time lengthens and once you have spent all 16 lives your Dropship has to head off back to base to refuel, leaving you and your team to survive.


It is ideal that you have a good selection of character skills and abilities in your party. When you are one versus the Team you definitely need to keep your stress levels low as high stress makes you nervous and being nervous means you cannot keep yourself concealed in cover - this is true in all missions not just one vs team. Looking out for and after yourself is a necessity so during your first games, while you are learning the ropes, try to pick a character whose stress levels don't rise so quickly. If you find you are dying or stressing out too often then don't blow the game off, start another character until you feel comfortable in its skin.When you play the Antagonist you have two responsibilities - screw with your friends who are in the Team against you and also keep the NPCs on your side safe by giving them supporting fire etc.


The first few minutes of play may have you wondering what the fuss is all about as RAIDERS looks and feels, at least to begin with, very much like a run-of-the-mill action shooter. It is only when you give it the time it deserves that you will get the best from it and discover the nuances that have made it such a prominent title of this year's shooter genre.







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